Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Cape is Finished, Huzzah!

Hi everyone!

Well, I did it! The dreaded cape I spoke about in this post is complete! Or at least as complete as I'm going to get it. lol

More pics after the jump!

This cape is a potpourri of two different patterns. I'd get sick of doing one thing so I'd start hooking another pattern and back and forth like a ping pong ball then I'd drop the ball, pick it back up and finally finished it just mere moments ago.

Not too bad I guess. The yarn was pretty stiff so it destroyed my hands. It's also not the prettiest yarn ever but I think it will go well with Toot's dress and I'm done with it so huzzah!

I'll post pics of her at the festival, maybe their lighting will make this thing look better. LOL

Toot's birthday is Monday. She'll be THREE. Can you believe it???


  1. Oh my goodness, Maggi, she's sooo big! Happy early Birthday to Toot and kudos to you on the cape! :>

  2. Hey Maggi,
    I have been such a lurker, but just had to comment on Toot's adorable little cape! (I even watched your vlog, you poor thing!) The cape looks fantastic - can't wait to see photos of her at the festival! Way to go girl!
    Shanna :)

  3. It's adorable! Honest; I love it. Don't you just hate stiff yarn? Bah!

  4. Looks ADORABLE!!! I love those photos!! Happy BIRTHDAY Toot! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Completely fabulous, and I see you've found the perfect model to wear it: a beautiful birthday girl!
    *birthday kisses* HH

  6. oooooohhhhhh its really really cute! You did well with the cape from hell :-D Wish Toot a happy Birthday from me :-)

  7. THREE? No way! Aw, if we lived closer her and Ruby could go to nursery together :D Bit far at the moment though I suppose :P

    Love the cape - you are so clever!

  8. ohmygosh. that is so cute. and cozy-looking!

  9. It came out AWESOME - and Toot looks super happy wearing it!!! :)

  10. Maggie cute and cosy cape .

    So pretty.