Thursday, October 6, 2011

This Canvas is None of Your Beeswax

Hi everyone!

I've got a new project to share with you today that I made for Gauche Alchemy. It's a mini canvas and includes my first foray into the world of beeswax. I've always admired other people's projects that utilize beeswax and have been wanting to try it for a while. I finally took the plunge and was very satisfied with the end result, even if it took me a while to get there. But let's start at the end, shall we? Here's my mini canvas!

Read my sad sack attempt at a step by step after the jump...

I used the ACME Kit, Scarlet Fever Mixed Media Color Kit and Punchinella from the Gauche Alchemy store. I just love their stuff so much!!!

I started with this mini canvas I got from the kids section of Michael's.

Maggi Tip 'O the Day: Canvas can be expensive but I love creating mixed media canvases so I do two things. 1. I always haunt the kids section of craft stores looking for $1.00 mini canvases like this one and 2. I stalk thrift shops and buy super cheap canvases to repurpose to suit purpose. :)

Anyhoo, the first thing I did was Mod Podge this book page onto the canvas.  Primarily to cover up the football because I was too lazy to Gesso it first:

As that was drying, I snagged a BINGO sheet and tossed on some beeswax pellets.

Then I realize something very important: I do not have a craft iron.  I debated using my clothes iron but then thought better of it as I'm pretty sure my husband doesn't want to wear a waxy shirt to work.  So all I had to melt this wax with was my heat gun.  Well guess what?  Heat guns BLOW hot air around which in turn blows the pellets around like little teeny ping pong balls.  So here I am, chasing these pellets around with my heat gun, trying not to set myself on fire.

Luckily, I did not have to call the fire department and once the pellets started to melt, they stuck fast.  Victory!

Then of course I realized I had used too much wax.  BUT the good thing about wax is that if it melts once, it'll melt again so I just cut the heat gun back on and let the extra wax drip right off the page.  Once that was nice and cool, I cut it to fit my canvas and attached it.  I also added some circles cut from scrapbook paper and some circles I made using white acrylic paint and a paper towel roll.  A little bit of Punchinella and ta da!

And to make a long story short (too late), I glued a bunch of other crap on it.  Success!

Whenever I'm creating on canvas, I hate leaving the edges plain.  All that white blank space, staring at me...taunting me with it's boringness.  My favorite thing to do is paint it with Distress Crackle paint but there was no red crackle paint to be had.  The nerve!  So I painted the edges red and added some clear crackle paint to "crack" it up.  In your face stupid craft stores that don't have what I need when I need it and have a coupon!


P.S.-It's 3:00 in the morning and I can't sleep.  So this blog post is brought to you by insomnia.  Also, I'm so loopy I made a vlog about my craptacular cape from this post so be watching for that to premiere at some point this week!


  1. well done on your first beeswax attempt! I think it went well :-)

  2. LOL! I bet you find beeswax pellets stuck in the most unusual places for ages!

    Love your step by step! Don't fork out on a craft iron - just by a cheapy cheap flat travel iron. That's my skinflint tip of the day. A swap for your fabulous one about haunting (whoooooooo whhooooooo whooooooo) childrens craft sections. That was my ghost impression by the way.

  3. p.s I love the canvas too not just the step by step.

    p.p.s I too cannot leave the edges white! It looks wrong.

    p.p.p.s Join my swap! Go onnnnn! I have done a proper post and made a button and everything! There is US peeps taking part! *rattles jingle bells menacingly... er... encouragingly*

  4. You always make me laugh!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this!! YUMMY layers and colors too!! And! Love it! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. I think it came out great!!! :) I feel your pain, however. I use a quilting iron for my beeswax - you can find them reasonably at Joann's..AND if you have a coupon, you can get them VERY reasonably!!! :)