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Toot's Renaissance

Hi everyone!
The Renaissance Festival was a lot of fun and Toot had a blast! A highlight for her was meeting Twig the Fairy:

Twig played a song for Toot:

She was selling her book, Twig the Fairy and the Curious Land of Real so of course I had to grab a copy and she even autographed it for Toot:

Toot rode every ride, talked to everyone and loved wearing her "fancy dress". On our way out, some Royals were dancing and Toot ran right over to join in. They loved her dancing with them and actually did another song just so Toot could run around. lol

And to answer your question, no she did not wear the cape I crocheted for her, it was just too hot. *face palm*


  1. OMYGOSH!!! You got to meet Twig the Fairy (insert JEALOUS Julie!) I Love love love love the photos! Toot looks BEAUTIFUL! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. OMG - Toot is going to be a real heartbreaker isn't she? Look at that smile! The dress is stunning on her - shame about the cape (sorry, some sniggering this side of the screen!) but she does look scrumptious!

  3. What a beautiful little girl! She's such a quick study; it looks like she was picking up on the dance so fast!

  4. Oh dear....the cape from hell strikes again!! Never mind hey there might be another occasion for smeone...anyone to wear it ;-)

  5. Oh fun! Our kids met Twig several years ago at the MN RenFest. She gave them each a purple "fairy rock". They still have them in their treasure boxes. :)

  6. So great seeing you and Toot today! What an adorable name!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures =)

    <3 Twig

  7. Wow, Maggi! These photos are just amazing!!!! :) Looks like Toot had a great time. I'm so thrilled that she got to meet up with Twig again (how cool that she visited here!) and that you got her book. I love that video of Toot dancing - I see that she was trying the same moves. So CUTE!!! Sorry about the cape...I had a similar problem. It was too hot and too muddy for me to wear my dress and cloak. Maybe next year!

  8. Toot gets more gorgeous everyday!

  9. Awesomeness! Toot looks so adorable in her dress! Great color on her!


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