Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Hi everyone!

I just love Thanksgiving. The parades, the food, the good times with family, the food, the naps...and more food. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving gets lost in the shuffle of Christmas that seems to get started in September these days. The husband and I have been trying to think of fun Thanksgiving type traditions to create for Toot and Zippy and since they're both a little too small for most Thanks-y type crafts, we decided to start an annual tradition inspired by our favorite Thanksgiving TV show:

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving has been shown on television since the 1960s and probably one of the most memorable things about it is the impromptu meal Snoopy makes with Charlie Brown and Linus after Peppermint Patty butts in and invites herself over for Thanksgiving dinner. (BTW, where are these children's parents? And how does Peppermint Patty (not to mention Marcie and Franklin) not already have plans with her family? I mean, did her parents just say, "Sure kid, do whatever the hell you want for Thanksgiving")

Anyhoo, camera back on me. We decided to watch this vintage special while indulging ourselves in the traditional Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Feast:

Winner of the Most Carbs in a Single Dinner award

Toot was suspicious. After all, we almost never eat white bread and a meal of straight up sugar and carbs isn't usually what I like to serve my family (although it is awesome).

Wait, you're saying I can eat this dinner? Is this a trick?

But she caught on pretty quick.

Oh snap! Candy and carbs for dinner!

It was a lot of fun watching this cartoon with my kids after seeing it so many times when I was a kid myself. We're looking forward to making this part of our Thanksgiving celebration every year.

So to all my friends in the US, go stuff yourselves with too much food then go pass out on the couch.



  1. Awesome! I should have started that cute Charlie Brown Special Dinner with the they plop in front of X-box on a no school night and grab a coke out of the fridge. (only nights they are allowed) Then with a deeeeep voice I hear, "Hey Mom? Can I make myself a pop tart?" Yikes who's grown up kids are these? I shall now live vicariously through you! ;) Happy T Day!!

  2. Tooooooooooooo cute!!! How fun! Happy Thanksgiving! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Awh that is so sweet, look at Toot's face...too funny!

  4. What a fun idea! You guys are so clever. I love this tradition!

  5. We watched it tonight on TV! I just love it. What an absolutely cool tradition to start!!!! I think Charlie Brown would be so pleased! Hope you had a great day!

  6. awwww how cute!! I hope you had a really amazing time with your family :-)

  7. LOL! Those Toot photos are brilliant! Methinks there's a scrappy page in there eh? ;)

    I have never seen this Charlie Brown episode! Snoopy doesn't get shown much over here - we are quite obviously deprived! In fact all I know of Snoopy is from cartoon strips in books and a few half remembered hazy episodes from my yoof!

    *sniff* *sob*

    Sounds like an amazing day Maggi and a beautiful tradition :)

  8. Toot gets more and more beautiful everyday! What an awesome memory to have!

  9. HA! I may have to steal this tradition next year!! Friggin' awesome!!