Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wrap It Up

Hi everyone!

You know, some crafty types make the decision back in January to make all of their Christmas gifts. They furiously crochet, glue, knit or otherwise attach stuff to other stuff in an effort to either 1. Save money, 2. Give their loved ones special and thoughtful handmade awesomeness instead of store bought crap or 3. Show off (I made a toilet paper cover that looks like a Southern Belle, in your face!)

I'm all three except that instead of starting in January, I'm just now thinking about it. Oops! Therefore I'm in the middle of three or four projects for people in my life that will hopefully be finished by this Christmas. Or maybe next Christmas. Or Christmas 2020. Haven't figured that one out yet.

Anyhoo, here's a wrap I'm currently working on:

One half of a Christmas gift...or a good intention? You decide!
I've never crocheted a wrap before so I'm interested to see it finished. Or maybe I should say interested in actually getting it finished.  I guess if I don't finish it I'll just send them these pictures with a card that says, "It's the thought that counts, you selfish jackwagon!"

Wrap Close Up

So think of me as I begin my quest to gift loved ones with beautiful treasures instead of pictures of half finished crap attached to rude Christmas cards.

Ho ho ho!


  1. "It's the thought that counts selfish jackwagon."

    I don't think I have words to express how much I love that statement. I've also procrastinated with Christmas presents this year (usually I start those projects way back in, you know, September) but this year I think I'll just give people rude Christmas cards. :D

  2. You should have that printed and made into tags! Brilliance :D

    I'm not even started yet so you are further than me! The wrap looks gorgeous!

  3. That's really pretty! I love the pattern on the wrap.
    And I'm still cracking up at the jackwagon comment. :)

  4. I go the easy way out and make cards and layouts for friends and family! lol!! I loveeeeee what you are working one! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. That wrap is just gorgeous, Maggi! Definitely gift-worthy. I adore the pattern - keep it up!

  6. That is just gorgeous! I love the color combination. Truly my favorite colors. The pattern is stunning, too. Really lovely!

  7. That is the prettiest darn intention I've ever seen, dear Maggie. I started a baby blanket for my one-year-old while pregnant and, ummm, hopefully will have it finished for his Christmas present. Yay!

    Can't wait to see your other projects!

  8. Love the wrap!! It's going to be so cute and I can't wait to see it done!! I love to make scrafs:)

  9. Bah! You rock!! Love reading your blog. I've been away but hope to get back to it regular like soon. You are always a big blogging encouragement for me. :)