Monday, December 5, 2011

Craft Fail: Acorn Bag, A Corny Bag

You know, crafting doesn't always end with beautiful and amazing projects, shown in all their glory with gorgeous lightbox photos and Photoshopped edits. Sometimes crafting is about the FAIL. The crap that happens when you try your best and still suck. No need to be ashamed or hide your fails. Sometimes the most encouraging thing you can do for your craft is suck at it.

Wait, that makes no sense whatsoever. Don't listen to me, it always bites when projects come out looking like something ate it and promptly threw it back up again. Such was the case when I fell in love with the Acorn Bag Pattern from Roman Sock.
The original Acorn Bag from Roman Sock
Isn't it darling??? At the time, I was doing a Fall themed swap and thought this bag would be PERFECT for my partner. So I furiously began hooking and from the get go I knew it wouldn't yarn was too soft and my bottom fell flat. (Oh, how craft mirrors life at times...) But I was resolved not to give up and started on the top. Which looked really really horrible. It was about that time I found that someone on Ravelry had created an alternate top that looked AWESOME:
Acorn bag with fancy new top by ShaanaBanaana
Isn't it the coolest??? I just love how the post stitches create this gorgeous array of acorn-y patterns. So that's what I decided I would do, wouldn't my partner be dazzled by my amazing hooker skill? Hmmm...not so much.
My acorn (?) bag (?) ....I am ashamed...
G-R-O-S-S. First of all, the bottom part totally collapsed and there was no saving it. Second, I never could get the post stitches in the right order to recreate the beautiful pattern made by ShaanaBanaana. Third, I sewed the stem onto the inside of the lid originally and had to rip it out (or "frog" it) and redo it. Fourth, I so did NOT send this to my partner.



  1. But you never gave up......this will be remembered :-) It really is a very cute pattern though :-P

  2. It happens. That is one cute, cute pattern though. I bet you've learned from your mistakes and could make a super cute acorn bag now!

  3. LOL! Oh I have so many craft fails. Think I have more fails than successes but there y'go.

  4. You learn SO MUCH from the failures. You can't be so hard on yourself. You had the guts to try it and when you try something like this again you will have new skills to take with you even if you don't believe it now.

  5. Hi Maggi...the project may not have come out the way you had hoped, but at least you saw it through to the end. I remember the first time I tried to knit up socks...I could have fit THREE of my feet into it! LOL Needless to say, I gave up. Then I tried again later. Maybe you can revisit the project in the future and maybe be happier with the results. :)