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Crochet and Cute Babies

Hi everyone!

First, a picture of the girls, because you know that I'm going to be flooding you with baby pics for a while...

Next, an update: Remember when the Post Office lost two of my boxes containing handmade awesomeness? Good news is that the one going to New York with the baby afghan made it there finally, bad news is the one that went to Texas is still MIA. Grrr... But one out of two ain't bad I suppose...

Anyhoo, I ended up doing another swap on Ravelry, this time it was a Spring Swap where the theme was "Flower Power". So I crocheted this for my partner:

It's a scarf from a pattern called, Belle Fleur and instead of using multiple colors for the flowers, I used blue and yellow which are my partner's favorite colors.

I also threw in some yarn, the latest issue of Crochet Today, some scrapbooking embellishments (flowers of course) and some other what nots in her box that I hope she'll enjoy.

I love doing swaps and am excited for the Summer Swap now tak…

Good (and Painful) Things Come in Small Packages

*yawn* Hi everyone! *double yawn*

Well well well...lookie what showed up on May 9th:

That's right, Miss Rosalind Louise was born at 5:32am a week ago today and a day or two before I was able to crochet up this hat and use it in the hospital photos. :D Everything went well, actually things went at light speed so we've decided that this little one will be nicknamed, "Zippy". lol

To put this in perspective: I was induced with Toot so I didn't experience any of the usual labor stuff. No water breaking, no pre-labor, nada, none. Zippy went a day overdue but once she was ready...WOOOOOOSH!

I woke up at 3:00 in the morning with pains and thoughts, "Hmmm, that's different." I woke the husband at 3:30 and waited for a call back from the midwife. At about 4:30 with no call I said, "Nuts to this, we better go!" and off we went to the hospital. They totally didn't believe I was close enough to be admitted so I got stuck in triage.

But only for ab…


Hi everyone!

Well, today is my official "due date" although babies have a mind of their own so I'm not holding my breath. They ended up having to smoke Toot out and there were claw marks on my uterus from where she was holding on, she was in no rush to be born to say the least.

I was hoping that this baby would get some of my *ahem* impatience but so far no go. Oh well, maybe she's waiting till Mother's Day although if she really loved her Mother she get the heck out already. :P

So I'm focusing on other things: making sure everything is packed for the hospital, chasing Toot around while trying to convince her that sitting still and watching a movie is actually good for her cause Mommy needs a break, getting bills in order, things like that.

I've also been trying to "visualize" the birth and hoping that this is the room I'll be given at the hospital:

(Image Source)

You know, when I was pregnant with Toot I had this idea that when I walked in the…