Friday, January 6, 2012

I Felt Like It Part 1

Hi everyone!

For Christmas I asked for a Wonder Wash portable washing machine to felt some of my crochet. I have a front loading washing machine which SUCKS when you're trying to felt. I've been wanting to felt for so long and did a jig when I discovered this portable washer.

BTW: "Felting" is when you crochet or knit with animal fibers (like wool) and then wash them in super hot water to agitate the fibers and create a fabric. Here's the technical definition from Wikipedia:

"Felt is made by a process called wet felting where the natural wool fibers, stimulated by friction and lubricated by moisture (usually soapy water), move at a 90 degree angle towards the friction source and then away again, in effect making little "tacking" stitches. While at any given moment only 5% of the fibers are active, the process is continual, so different 'sets' of fibers become activated and then deactivated, thereby building up the cloth."

Wow, that was boring. LOL But luckily this process creates a neato fabric and makes you look awesome. So anyhoo, I've been drooling over the Fine Feathered Cap pattern from the March/April 2010 issue of Crochet Today magazine. Isn't it fabulous?
"Maggi is so jealous of my hat..." (Image from Crochet Today)
And since Santa is such a nice fellow and feeds into my crafty obsessions, he was kind enough to bring my Wonder Wash and I was off to the hook! One thing about crocheting to felt is that you have to crochet BIG because the hot water will shrink the piece. Here's my hat pre-felt:
My hat all crocheted and ready to felt!

Not quite so chic at the moment...
Time to wash the crap outta this hat! Can I just tell you how much I *love* this thing? Seriously, I want to divorce my husband and marry it.
I want to make out with it a little bit
After 30 minutes of handcranking, this is my hat so far:
After 30 minutes in the Wonderwash. Sidenote: that styrofoam head got way too much collagen put in her lips...
You can still see some stitch definition so I'm going to run it through another 30 minutes and get it nice and felt-y.
You can still see the stitches, back in the washer it goes!
What a great first experience in felting! I'm going to get this finished up and hopefully have a chic new hat to show you soon!


  1. 30 MINUTES OF HAND TURNING??? Alternate arms and you have yourself a workout machine as well! Wow Maggi!

    It's going to be gorgeous mind you.

  2. I'm with Carmen... I am thinking you are gonna be buff soon! lol!! Can't wait to see how this turns out! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. I also exist in a land of front loading washing machines. I may need to look into a wonder wash. Sounds like a problem solver on the felting front and a great workout too. Can't wait to see finished pictures!

  4. I had never heard of this before--I'm intriqued! (the wonder washer, not felting, lol)

    And, yeah, cranking for 30 minutes would be a great arm workout!

  5. I think if you make out with it it's not considered cheating!

  6. Ooooh felting sounds like fun fun fun.I have created little felt balls with raw wool..I think that is the same process.Cant wait to see how your hat turns out after its Wonder wash!! Hugs,Cat

  7. Wow! Stitch definition exchanged for arm definition, sounds like! Can't wait to see the final product!

  8. I want a Wonder Wash, too! LOL It's great for felted knit projects, too. Your hat is looking super cute so far. :) Congrats on your new love! ;)

  9. awwww what a cute little hat :-) and a cute drier too :-P so not what i was expecting haha!!