Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Post About Nothing

Hi everyone.

Ah yes, I used a . after "everyone" instead of my usual ! Ever have a case of the Mondays on a Tuesday? Bah. I try to keep things bright and cheery here because well, I like it that way. Not that I don't have days that suck and/or try to hide them but I like to focus on the good things instead of the crap. I'm just having a day where I feel unusually lost and figured I'd post about it since hey, it's my blog and stuff.

It's not that I don't have projects to work on or ideas simmering in the old brain because Lord knows I've got enough things started that need to get finished. I've actually finished a bunch of mixed media projects recently but since they're all for Gauche Alchemy I can't show any of them yet.

Speaking of which, I am now part owner of Gauche Alchemy so go buy everything in the store right now! Go on, I'll wait...


Are you back? Found lots of good things, did you? Awesome!

My 4 year blogging anniversary is coming up on the 19th. 4 years, can you believe it??? I had a week of giveaways last year so I have NO clue how to top that. Maybe I should give myself away and go clean the winner's house or something.

Hey, here's something cool. Zippy turned 8 (?!) months old yesterday:

Here's a new blanket I'm working on:

I've only got one square done of like, 1,000 but don't worry. I'll get there.

Can you believe I haven't done a Friday Night Fab Five since October 2011? Holy smokes, that bites. I'll get back into that hardcore this year but I wanted to share one of my favorite Fab Fives entitled, "Friday Night Fab One With Four What The...?!" Definitely one of my funnier ones so go read it because chances are I'll never be that funny again. And that one was almost exactly 2 years ago so what the heck has happened since then?! Sheesh.

Anyway, back to this blog anniversary thing. Last year, a couple of good friends graciously gave away some of their beautiful creations during my giveaway week and I crocheted the rest. What do y'all want this year? More crocheted stuff? No crocheted stuff? Eternal youth? Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth? What? :D

Okay, think I'll stop rambling...for now. Funny enough, I actually feel better. To those of you that read this far, you have my thanks. To those of you that join me here on a regular basis, you have my love. And to those of you that take time to leave a comment, watch it cause I'll probably want to make out with you later.


  1. A lot of people had Tuesday blahs this week! The moon must be messing up the Monday blahs or something...

    Zippy is adorable!

    Your block is so cool. You rocked picking the colors!

  2. Happy 8 Months Zippy can't believe that! 4 years wow that is a LONG time!! Oh and I love my scarf that you made me last year!! So much fun and so nice and warm:) Thanks for it!!

  3. Seriously??!?!? I get to make out with Maggi!?!?!??!!? SCORE!! *wink* ;) I loveeeeeeeee this!! Can't believe Zippy is all ready 8 months old!! WOW!!!! And congrats being part owner of GA!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Aww! Zippy is too adorable!

    So, I just put on Game of Thrones for background music while we make out and discuss Electric Youth... Can't wait!! Best Tuesday ever...

  5. I've had the blahs all week, I think. I definitely get where you're coming from. I kind of miss Friday Night Fab Five. Not to make you feel guilty or anything, but they were fun and are totally the reason why I got addicted to Downton Abbey. :D

  6. I decided long ago that Tuesdays were the really b!tch, not Mondays.

    Oh, and there's a very real possibility that I still have my Electric Youth cassette tape from back in the day. I lusted after the perfume but the only smell Mom wasn't allergic to was Luv's Baby Soft.

    Happy 4 year blogaversary and go-go-growing Zippy!

  7. I always have days like that!! ahhhhh a week of give aways sounds fun, anything and everything will do me!!

  8. lol! i was thinking...i gotta find out why debbie gibson is at the bottom of this post!!!! lmao! zippy is too cute!...looks like toot! what a smile! awesome to hear about GA! I loved working with the campy kit...can't remember what it was called but i made two of my most fave pages of the moment with it!

  9. Four years? That's awesome, Maggi. I'm sure whatever you choose to do for your anniversary will be just fine. I kind of like the idea of you coming over and cleaning house. LOL Zippy is just adorable. :) Both your girls are so super cute!!! :)