Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Night Fab Five

Hi everyone!

Welcome to another Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I like, adore or think are cool for the week.  Another random collection for this week, is there any other kind? Here we go!

1. Smash Book

I just recently discovered Smash Books although they've been out since last Spring. And I love them. Hardcore. See, when I was younger I used to cut up magazines: pictures, quotes, words, ads I liked and make collages from them. Smash Book brings me back to that feeling and I just love it. They're perfect for people that aren't sure they're "crafty" but want to have a little notebook to fill with ideas and pictures. They're also good for people that trick them out with all sorts of creative whatevers but I really love them for their simplicity. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the glue stick/pen combo the books come with (also available separately in different colors), genius!

2. Creepy Ad Guy Returns

Okay, remember this Friday Night Fab Five where I found that creepy guy's picture along with an ad for Moms to go back to school? (Which just makes no sense on so many different levels.) Well, he's back and wants to give you a school grant!

Go back to school or I'll kill you.

Seriously, who is this, where did they get this picture and why do they think it'll encourage me to go back to school?! Unless he'll kill me if I don't, is that it?

3. Crochet on TV!

I've talked about spotting crocheted items on TV before, no matter how much I'm into a show or movie, if something crochet pops up, I perk up like a dog that's just heard a car pull in the driveway and immediately reach for my camera. I love seeing crocheted stuff on TV but imagine my joy when I saw characters actually crocheting on this week's episode of "New Girl":
Crochet Time on New Girl
*happy dance* "Crochet Time" they called it and I love love love it!!!!!

4. Thrift Store Finds

I found this darling upon visiting a new thrift store. Isn't she darling?! She's got a new home in my craft room. :D

5. Fujifilm INSTAX Instant Photo Camera

(Image Credit)
Okay, so I don't have this yet but I reallyyyyyy want one! Wouldn't this be perfect to take pictures for my Smash Book? Someone go tell my husband!

And there you have it, another Friday Night Fab Five for the ages! What are your favorites this week?


  1. That guys creeps me out too!! Loving this weeks finds!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. That guy is too creepy!

    Smash books look fun (and rather addictive) - I bet the list of accessories for them is never ending..... ;o)

    The retro hat girl looks so pretty, she's a great find.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    PS You NEED that camera!

  3. Yeah, those creeper guy ads are not very persuasive. More dissuasive, really.

    People crafting on television? That's awesome!

  4. I have to be very honest...I got a Smash book for my birthday and I am scared too death of it. I don't want to mess it up! I just need to get over it and start using it:)

  5. Happy Friday, Maggi! I have heard soooo much about Smash books. I know yours will be, ahem, a real "smash." I know - bad pun. :) That creepy guy is so weird. Maybe these ads are really jokes? I don't know. LOL I was stoked to see my girl Zooey and her friends knitting and crocheting. That whole episode was a riot! It's one of my favorite new shows. :) I just love hitting up the thrift stores, as I always come home with some little thing. I can usually find great frames at stellar prices and pretty apothecary bottles. I am hoping, too, that your hubby gets you that's a MUST!

  6. Hi, Maggi dear! Oh gosh, I've wanted the Smash products forever but they aren't available in the Philippines yet. And I never seem to have enough budget for the Instax and the more expensive film.

    Love the crochet on tv and the vintage find. Yup, creepy, wth were they thinking when they put that picture on the ad? lol.


  7. Ok "Mr Add Glitter please go buy your amazing wife that amazing camera, love Little Red Crafting Corner" :-) I am very intrigued by the whole smash book thing :-D