Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Now What?

Hi everyone!

So I mentioned The Sketchbook Project in this past Friday Night Fab Five. I've been following it for a year or so now. Some of my favorite artists such as Frieda Oxenham, Lenna Young Andrews and Jo Urbani have all participated in the past and have created stunning sketchbooks. (P.S.-If you're not following their blogs already, get your tail over there tout de suite.)

Anyhoo, I was reading up on the new Limited Edition Sketchbook Project (meaning they're limiting it to 5,000 artists for this one) and decided what the heck, I can do this! Maybe a year ago I wouldn't have this much confidence but right about now I'm thinking I could use a challenge and try some new techniques. I really want to get better on the mixed media front this year and something like this could give me the incentive and creative energy to do it. Plus, I can go to the Arthouse Co-op in New York and visit it whenever I want.

So it was with this plucky spirit that I paid my entrance fee, gave them my address and sat back, satisfied with my initiative and impressed by my own sense of kick butt-edness. But then it showed up:

It came to my house. Staring at me. Daring me to glue crap in it. Mocking me with it bareness. Taunting me with its due date of April 30th. Oh.Snap.

Here's what I do when I need to get a project done and have no idea what the heck I'm doing: I go into my stash and start throwing things in a box:

And I go shopping:

This project will either be a fantastic success or a glorious failure. Either way, they're getting this book back, 100% finished.


  1. Ha ha ha, that made me laugh! The unused, clean paged book is rather daunting isn't it? Probably why mine is sitting looking back at me too

    Good luck!

    top tip: for my last one I glued some of the pages together. I said this was to strengthen the pages but actually it was so I had less to do!!

  2. When in doubt, go shopping! That always works for me too! Can't wait to see what you've going to come up with and thanks so much for mentioning my blog!

  3. I deffo think it is going to be a huge success :-) I cant wait to see it!!

  4. Cannot, canNOT wait to see what sparkly whimsicality you come up with!

  5. Maggi, your blog is awesome. I just gave you an award.

  6.!!!!! I am sure it will ROCK the scrappy world! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. I just KNOW it is going to be one amazing sketchbook. :) Filled with whimsy, glitter and vintage fabulosity!