Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blythe Inspired Mixed Media Canvas

Hi everyone!

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Ever create a project you have a love/hate relationship with? You look at something you made and think, "Wow, that's pretty cool!" Then you look at it again and think, "Oh no no, this is one hot mess." "No wait, I love it!" "Oh yuck!" So yeah, this is that project for me:

I wanted to create a mixed media canvas that was Blythe doll inspired and of course had to start out drawing. I.can.not.draw. But I pushed through and started by sketching her face and the lines around it. I decided to fill in some of the lines with book pages and then I proceeded to use every last technique in the book for the "rays".

Seriously, I techniqued the crap out of this thing. I used Gauche Alchemy PVC Punchinella as a stencil with modeling paste and White Ouchless Cardboard onto which I rubbed Distress Inks. I painted, I used bubble wrap, I collaged, there's acrylic paint, inks, mists, chalk pastels, if it was in reach, I used it.

Then there was the issue of her hair. I started by using paper and paint, didn't work. Then I did a layer of crackle paint which made it look like she had poop for hair. Then...the yarn. Toot picked out this yarn a while back and it is LOUD. I finally remembered those Kindergarten projects where you make pictures with white glue and yarn so there I went. Yarn hair!

Actually, I don't hate how this turned out. She's so colorful and psychedelic. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go to the store.  I'm out of modeling paste.


  1. I think it looks pretty cool! I love the bold colours and variety of techniques you used in one project! :)

  2. I think it looks pretty AWESOME!! I loveeeeeee all the textures and her yarn hair!

  3. Fantastically bright and fun! Love the psychedelic look! And you are better at drawing than I am. Mine would've looked like an angry 3rd grader drew it...with her left hand.

  4. I love the result but I know what you mean about the "love/hate" thing!

  5. What a fun little canvas!! I'm totally lovin' the yarny hair--totally gotta try that! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Groovy canvas, I'm lovin' those Austin Powers colours. All you gotta do now is stick it in the microwave........ ;D


  7. I really like it. That yarn is pretty far out too. No reason to hate on it, I think it's really cool!

  8. I have looked at it 5 times now and still don´t know what to think of it.
    I don´t dislike it, though and I think you have done a great job with the hair.

  9. I love it, Maggi. So bright and colorful! :) Her face is super cute. :)

  10. i think its far out! lol if you decide you hate it you can mail it to me and i'll hang it up in my house! hee hee lovin your blog..following! ~hl

  11. Everyone needs a bit of colour in their lives :-)


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