Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm a Sucker for a Makeover

Hi everyone!

So as you know, I've been working on customizing a Blythe doll which so far has resulted in setting my microwave on fire and clogging my kitchen sink. Well, I discovered another Blythe I had to have that was already customized so I decided to "adopt" her and waited for her to arrive.

Unfortunately she needed a bit of a makeover so I put aside my other work in progress for this girl that needed some TLC.

Must Needs Sleep Eyes

Lips Before

She was definitely cute but I decided to change her lips, paint her eyelids and do some general fancy-ing. (Yes, that's a word.) Anyhoo, I'm all done and nothing caught on fire, clogged or otherwise got destroyed in the making of this doll! Go me!

All done!

Of course, I just had to add glitter to her eye chips and lashes...I have a thing for glitter, did you know that about me?

New Beaded Pull Rings

So, as they say in "Meet the Robinsons" I keep moving forward with new projects and crafty things. This whole Blythe experience (home and personal injury notwithstanding), has been amazing. I've discovered new tools to use with both my dolls and my creations like chalk pastels and watercolor pencils. Which is good because that's how I justify the extra spending to my husband, "But honey, I can use these on my dolls AND my's win-win!"


  1. sweet! I love the glitter and the new lip colour!

  2. Oh she's so pretty with her sparkly eyes and lashes and everything!


  3. Love her, especially the glitter on her lashes, go girl!

  4. She looks WONDERFUL!!! I loveeeeee her eyelids and eyelashes!! And glad nothing set on fire this time! lol!

  5. love the doll, the glitter and happy you, family and home are intact ;-)

  6. She is so beautiful! You did an amazing job. I love her gorgeous lips and eyes. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


  7. She is just too sweet. I love those eyelids. I applaud your use of glitter!

  8. love the glittery eyelashes :D

  9. Wow she looks lovely!! I'd so love to customise a Blythe Doll!! And who doesnt love a bit of glitter!!

  10. the glittery effects! She is extra sparkly!!!

  11. Yes....I just love her new sparkly personality now. :)