Monday, March 19, 2012

This Was My Morning

So we've been planning on having some fairly significant work done on our house. I bought the house I grew up in years ago and quite frankly, it needs some TLC in a major way. I've been in talks with a company about coming out to do some things and was just waiting to get on the schedule.

Cut to last Wednesday morning, I'm playing with Toot and Zippy when I hear a knock at the door. Lo and behold, the workers are here! And I had no idea they were coming! Hurray? Luckily, I had made time to get dress that morning (complete with bra, thank you very much). So with dogs barking and babies all over the place, I greet my workers and they get down to business outside after plugging in some stuff inside the house.

I get down to business as well, heading off to the bathroom and leaving the door open like I do whenever I'm home alone with the girls. I finish up, wash my hands, head out of the bathroom to discover one of the workers standing in my kitchen unplugging a battery. Yep, pretty sure he heard me pee.

Now at this point, I had given up and laid Zippy down for a nap. In all of the chaos, I vaguely remembered Toot on my heels asking me to let her take a picture (she's really into taking pictures at the moment.) I kept telling her, "Mommy's busy...I'm talking to the nice man...No Toot, put down Mommy's camera....Just a minute, Toot!"

When I finally was able to get settled again and pay attention to my kid, she did indeed have my camera. Only it was set to "video" and she had taken about 20+ videos in a 10 minute time period. And they are good, people.

Like this sure-to-be classic of her play tunnel:

Or this one where she tried to take a picture of herself:

And this one, where I finally figure out what's she has been up to:

Thankfully, not all mornings are like this. If they were, you'd see a Maggi-shaped hole in my front door...


  1. So funny!! LOVING her videos...she is a natural!!!

  2. She is SO gorgeous! The play tunnel vid is too funny ;D

    Think yourself lucky that it was only a pee the workman overheard.......


  3. What a sweet girl! See? It's sweet when Toot does it, but when my 6 year old happens to capture my most hideous facial expressions under sneak attack, not so much. Especially when I'm going through my photos and I come across one and really have to concentrate to figure WTHeck is in that photo?!?!???!! Me. Oh, geez! Thanks for the funny!!!

  4. oh my gosh!!! So funny!!!! Sorry you had a rough morning. At least she was careful with your camera! I love her face at the end!

  5. She's a mad genius! I love the look on her face when you tell her she's been shooting video, and she's all, "yeah, okay."

  6. haaa haa too funny, Maggi! my kids are always taking pictures on my camera..sometimes in a hurry i order whole albums of pictures instead of picking out ones i want..i'm always sure to get some suprises! lol toot is adorable!!!!

  7. just came over from SITs! oh, so sad, i missed the cupcake hat giveaway?! between your glitterness and my silly-ness, woah! party time!!!!!

  8. hilarious, love when you just see her eye!!!

    i've lost all privacy too - never get to pee by myself, but I have yet to pee for a workman LOL :D

  9. Funny! Especially now that the crazy morning is over!