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How the Immature Deal with Death

Hi everyone!

Wow, what a sucky couple of weeks this has been...

Anyhoo, want to know how an adult with the mentality of a 10 year old deals with death? Escapism! Well, of a sort anyway. Since Toot and Zippy won't take me up on my offer of taking my car and going to the zoo by themselves, life is still moving forward, no matter how much I want it to stop and wallow with me.

So I've been taking what small private time I can get and play with my dolls. Yes, you read that right. And no, I'm not crazy. Well, I am crazy but it all balances out. Taking pictures of my dolls has been a solace for me recently, a way to get out of everything, at least for a little while. :)

I could keep going but I'll stop...for now. :) You're welcome to visit my doll Dolly Flickr anytime! Toot does:

What has helped you in times of sorrow?


My brother died today. I was with him until the very end and am thankful to have been able to be there.

I don't have too much to add as I attempt to wade through this storm. Thank you for your thoughtful comments and e-mails during this time. They have meant so much to me.

Thank you.

While He Sleeps

My brother is dying tomorrow.

I don't blog a lot about my problems or bad things that happen in my life. It's not because I want to seem like I have the perfect life or that I'm the perfect person (I think my recent craft fails can attest to the fact that I'm not). It's because I like using my blog to showcase the sweetness life can bring. I also want you all to think of this blog as a "safe place" where you can come to be entertained, even if it is at my expense. I enjoy making you laugh or at least bringing a smile to your face with my snarkiness.

But I can't snark my way out of this one and I'm lost. I have one brother who is younger than me. He's been dealing with some form of addiction for what seems like his entire life. A result of this has been seizures that the doctors have not been able to cure. We're not sure exactly what happened, but on Monday afternoon he was found by the side of the road.

As far as we can tell, he ha…

How to Save Your Stickles

Hi everyone!

Today I want to get real with y'all and talk about a cause close to my heart. This is a serious issue and if we don't do something about it now, future generations will be effected by this horrible disaster. I'm speaking of course, about glitter waste.

Wasting glitter happens when you sparkle up a project, try to get the leftover glitz back in a container and it goes all over the place. The average person will end up frustrated and just wipe up the excess glitter and throw it away, only to end up finding glitter in unexpected places for weeks later. (This happens because glitter has a strong will to live.)

Some people give up on loose glitter and move on to glitter glues*, like Stickles. When I first started hardcore scrapbooking, I discovered Stickles and it's like the Heavens opened up, a light shone down and the hallelujah chorus started to sing in glittery harmony.

But then Stickles betrayed me. They would run out and leave a teeny tiny bit i…