Monday, April 2, 2012

How to Save Your Stickles

Hi everyone!

Today I want to get real with y'all and talk about a cause close to my heart. This is a serious issue and if we don't do something about it now, future generations will be effected by this horrible disaster. I'm speaking of course, about glitter waste.

Wasting glitter happens when you sparkle up a project, try to get the leftover glitz back in a container and it goes all over the place. The average person will end up frustrated and just wipe up the excess glitter and throw it away, only to end up finding glitter in unexpected places for weeks later. (This happens because glitter has a strong will to live.)

Some people give up on loose glitter and move on to glitter glues*, like Stickles. When I first started hardcore scrapbooking, I discovered Stickles and it's like the Heavens opened up, a light shone down and the hallelujah chorus started to sing in glittery harmony.

But then Stickles betrayed me. They would run out and leave a teeny tiny bit in the bottom of the squeeze bottle, never to be seen again...until now. It's time to free the glitter!

Once your Stickles stop coming out and seems pretty empty, curse at it for a while, especially if you need more of a particular color and now you can't finish your project. After that, squeeze it for all it's worth (that's what she said) and then finally, give up. Take your trusty scissors and cut the tip off at the base:

Take up your scissors again (they work so hard, don't they?) and stick the pointy end into the hole (I swear I'm not doing the innuendos on purpose):

Then just push up on the scissors and the base will pop right out!

Now just grab your brush (another trusty employee) and brush those Stickles around to your heart's content.

No more glitter waste and the universe makes sense once more...

I hope this helps you on your quest to make everything around you sparkle. Your children's children's children's children will thank you. Remember, we're doing it for the kids.

*BTW: What's up with glitter "glue"? It's not like you use it like a glue because then the glitter gets covered up, totally negating the point of having glitter. Why wouldn't you just use regular glue?


  1. hahahaha! Let the glitter ruuuunnnn frrreeeeeeee!

  2. Thank you for this wise advice. Have you considered writing a book on similar important matters?

    ps as a health and safety issue I do hope you were wearing safety goggles and had a first aid kit to hand?

  3. LOL!!! I love you!! You make me laugh!! And that's what she said!! *wink*

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this cause with us and bringing this issue to light! Now we will no longer be ignorant and will finally be able to set free millions of bottles of glitter!

  5. Dearest sweet maggi, this is really cool. :) Such a smart advice and you always make me giggle when i visit your lovely space. Thanks so much for sharing! Happy april and happy week! Love to you!


  6. Ive never heard of stickles but this is too funny. Such a strong will to live that glitter

  7. wth? someone that hasn't heard of stickles? O., you gotta try em! they are fabulous!!

    Thanks for the tip, Maggi! I got a few bottles just waitin' to be man handled! hee hee

  8. I am giggling about your point about glitter glue. So true, so true.

  9. best advice ever! wasting glitter is horrible!
    and I have never understood the reason for glitter glue sticks, either... They look pretty, though!

  10. You're so funny. Thanks for the tip.. no need to have glitter waste. Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!

  11. You are a girl after my own heart! Brilliant tip too, thank you!