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Tea, The Tea, You Must Have a Cup of Tea!

Hi everyone!

Since I can't quite finish my Hatter's Apprentice (still waiting on some things to arrive, darn it) I thought I'd throw a tea party for her head and sad headless body.

After all, Wonderland is known for its "headless" mentality.

Friday Night Fab Five

Hi everyone!

Welcome to an all new Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I'm digging this week:

1. Mister Rogers Remix

I grew up watching Mister Rogers and love this remix by PBS. SIDENOTE: Here's a money making idea--->Create a relaxation CD that's just Mister Rogers and Bob Ross talking. Come on, who could feel stressed after listening to that?! Speaking of Bob Ross..

2. Bob Ross Remix!

PBS did one for Bob Ross too. Snap!

3. Pomegranite80 on Etsy

I love finding awesome online handmade shops, run by awesome people who create awesome things. I originally found the Etsy shop: pomegranite80 thanks to Regretsy. Ady creates donkey related what have yous with the proceeds going to her donkey rescue. So let's shop? Check. Good cause? Check. Awesome dressed up donkeys? Done and DONE. I've got three in my collection with one more on the way, Ady's donkeys are addicting! lol

4. 100 vs 1

This marks the THIRD time that I've shown this video here a…

Pixy vs the Donutzies

Sure, I could clean my house but I'd rather create scenarios where mutant Donutzies are attacking our civilization:

It started here:

Then it got worse...

So, are Donutzies really evil or are they just misunderstood? Will Pixy and the Donutzies ever find a common ground? Will my house ever get cleaned?  Stay tuned!

Creating My Own Wonderland

Hi everyone!

I got a new doll a while back and decided to reimagine her as a Wonderland character. She's not an exact character, more "Wonderland-esque". :D I'm still waiting on some things before I can finish her up but this is the doll I started with:

And this is what I've done so far:

I sanded her original make-up off and carved her lips, nose and philtrum. I then used acrylics, chalk pastels and watercolor pencils to give her a new face up along with adding a new wig. I also altered a pair of her eyechips with book pages and acrylic paint.

I decided she would be a "Hatter's Apprentice" of sorts and so I altered this little hat with bits and bobs from Gauche Alchemy:

Every good Hatter needs their own Dormouse so I commissioned Christy from Dots Dashes and Doodles to create this sweet needle felted Throwaway Pet. :)

This has been a fun project to work on, I've been really thinking about ways to combine my love for dolls with my love for mi…

Purple and Red Canvas

Hi everyone!

Today I've got an 11x14 canvas that I made for the swap Gauche Alchemy did with Viva Las Vegas Stamps. Can I just say, I am a COMPLETE loser when it comes to stamps. I've just never gotten the hang of using them. Luckily when you stamp on a background, you don't need perfection. lol

After painting the background and stamping on it with the Fifties background stamp from VLVS, I added this picture from a vintage crochet pattern book, some doo dads from my stash along with pieces from the Scarlet Fever and Purple People Eater Mixed Media Color Kits.

I used some folk art washi tape around the edge of the canvas (I can never leave a canvas edge naked, lol).

I seem to be in the habit of working with a two color combo and red/purple is one of my favorites. I hope you're all doing well and having a great week so far!