Wednesday, August 8, 2012

When Good Clocks Go Bad

Hi everyone!

I bought this sweet little Winnie the Pooh clock at a thrift store a loooooong time ago. It's been sitting in my "To Alter Someday If I Don't Forget I Have It" pit, otherwise known as the craft room.

Isn't it sweet? Hmmm...maybe a little too sweet. After all, what do I need a sweet clock for? Wait a minute...I just happen to have this full page vintage Playboy ad from Gauche Alchemy's Mile High Club mixed media paper craft kit.

6 exciting days at Jamaica Playboy for only $105?!?! I'm so there! Okay, not really but I did take this ad and violated a clock with it!

Some painting, some stamping, tra lalalala, etc and so forth...

I also altered the inside of the little drawer:

I used an image of the resort for the top:

My favorite part of the ad was the Bunny serving drinks in the pool so I used that for the face of the clock:

I had so much fun with this project! And yes, the clock actually works. :D


  1. You are so naughty :) How FUN! I love the new improved clock. I especially like that image for the clock face too.

  2. Saucy!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee it!! You are a rockstar!!!!!

  3. Yhis is definitely better than the winnie the pooh version! Love it!

  4. Chortle! Poor Pooh! Love that inside of the drawer.

  5. Ha ha....NIIIIIICE! That's my kind of clock....the violating kind! Love it! The colors are fab!

  6. That is really fabulous. Sassy AND sweet! Nice work!

  7. Awesome!! Love it :) I love the tropical look to it as well. The flamingo is awesome!! :)