Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Create is the Word of the Day

Hey everyone!

So one day in my clearance aisle searching, I found these cracked chalk boards:

They were super cheap because they were so busted and since I couldn't use them as chalk boards, I covered both sides in paper and made this out of one of them:

I love adding the word, "Create" to projects where I know it needs a tagline or title but I'm fresh out of ideas. LOL There's always room for "create". :P

I also added a glittered up Blythe doll pull ring to make it "doll-ish". :D


  1. I bet they wondered why the crazy glittered speckled lady was buying up the broken boards :D

    Looks fab - methinks you are a little obsessed with Blythe now yes? :D

  2. Chalk it up to profection once again!! Looks awesome!!!

  3. Ohhhhhhh this is AWESOME!!!!!!! I love love love the bright colors!!!!!

  4. that is adorable!!