Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm a Professional Hooker

Hi everyone!

First, I want to thank everyone SO much for taking the time to contact, comment or otherwise be awesome during my SITS day. I'm still getting through to as many people as I can to return the favor, thank you!!!


As you know, I've become "slightly" obsessed with a little lady called Blythe. Unfortunately this darling comes with a "slightly" large price tag and I'm not even close to being "slightly large"...well, I have had two kids but I mean budget wise.

Anyhoo, I was whining to my husband one day and he said, "You want more dolls? Just figure out a way to bring in some money..." So I did. IN YOUR FACE, HONEY!

Presenting my new shop for Blythe: Kawaii Kandy where I hook up super awesome amazing you-must-have-this hats for Blythe! At least...I think so. :P

Like such classics as...Sad Ice Cream Fell Down and is Now More Sad:

Pinky Ice Cream...Still Sad Though

Scary Monster Attack!

BL♥VED 101/365: Sugarbot

The Moon is Laughing Because Your Balloon is Flying Away!

How Rude!

So Is The Sun!

Sunny Days Indeed!

And who could possibly forget Dark Side of the Balloon???

BL♥VED 107/365

So this is it...I'm finally realizing my dream of having an online store, selling something I love to make to support a hobby instead of stealing the money for the electric bill...Life is good!


  1. I can just imagine the Google searches that come up with the title of your post!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your hats!!! Soooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!! Good for you!!! You ROCK!!!

  2. Those are just adorable! I think the red monster is my favorite. Best of luck to you with your new store :)

  3. Great post title. Talk about getting my attention!

    Love the hats....they should be great sellers. Good luck.


  4. very cute Miss talented! Good luck on new venture!

  5. LOL! Seriously - I wish I could peek inside your head sometimes! These are fabulous but the captions just make them!

    YAYAYYAYAY to having a shop to fund your habit! I reckon you are going to be hooking your wares left right and centre :D

  6. I LOVE that icecream hat. I would love to have one large enough to fit my daughter lol. Then torture her with the pictures when she's too old and cool to wear it. But really....who could be too cool to wear that?

  7. OMG you area a GENIUS! I wanna get a doll just so I can buy the hats! Or...make em for adults! I would seriously peruse the store and can find a couple goofy ass sisters of mine that would love them too! Oh MAN I LOVE THESE HATS!

  8. You should do custom work for the small doll hats and say you can make them larger???? They all rock!

  9. Those hats are amazing! I've never heard of these dolls but I sure love the hats.

  10. oh wow your little hats are amazing :-D

  11. Maggi, congrats on opening an online shop!! The hats are amazing!! I love them :)

  12. Oh. My. Goodness. The hat factor up in here is about to explode!!!! weird and beautiful -- my favorite combo :)

  13. Man! You're Good!! Seriously, what a cleave mind you are...GREAT WORK! Good luck in you new shoppe. I've been away from my blogging friends for a while and have to catch up..I have no idea who or what this Blythe I'm off to find glad I stopped by..hugs, june

  14. that was supposed to read "what a CLEAVER mind you are" sorry, it's been a while...june

  15. You are gifted something serious with the crochet needle! Love the designs and fab pictures of the dolls.

  16. Love it!!! Gotta get my doll a hat. She has blonde hair, and a long beautiful black wig.