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Peacock Tales

Hi everyone!

A while back I got a paper mache book box from Hobby Lobby. It sat there and sat there and sat there because, quite frankly, I had no idea what the heck to do with it.

I started by rolling old book pages...think I did about 20+ of these:

I got the idea to line the outside where the "pages" of my book would go with these rolls. After that, I had no clue what else to do...I finally decided to go for an aged look so I covered the outside in gel medium, then painted it, added mist and then sewing pattern paper (a technique I learned from Julie).

At Hobby Lobby I also found this drawer pull on clearance which I snatched up too and decided to add that to the front of my "book".

I added some lines to the spine with Distress Crackle Paint:

Now I needed to deal with the inside which took about a week to think about since I was at a loss of how to go about it. Luckily my haul of clearance glittery Christmas ornaments came in handy as I found a blue super glitt…

I Interview a Crochetbug

Hi everyone!

I have a special guest here today at Just Add Glitter and Stir. I "met" this awesome gal through Ravelry and quite honestly, have been (not in the illegal way) stalking her ever since. She's an amazing crocheter and someone that I really look up to when it comes to the hooks. She's a North Carolina girl like me, she's the reason I bought a portable washer for felting and if she suggests a book or pattern I will probably end up getting it. Yes, I am a total fangirl.

She was nice enough to let me interview her so let's get to it! Please help me welcome Leslie from Crochetbug!

Tell us a little bit about yourself

At this point in my life, I am a stay-at-home person, and I enjoy it thoroughly. Most of my adult life when I have worked it has been either as temp in an office or as an adjunct teaching introductory composition to college freshman who would rather be doing something else. Suffice it to say that my work outside the home has never bee…

Friday Night Fab Five

Hi everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I'm digging this week!

1. Small Potatoes Do Art

Small Potatoes is a short that's on the Disney Channel. They did one about art that I thought was really cute.

2. Philadelphia Indulgence Cream Cheese

So, apparently Philadelphia is now making chocolate cream cheese in milk chocolate (yay!), dark chocolate (YAY!) and white chocolate (BOO!*) varieties.  After trying it on's pretty good.  It's creamier than cream cheese, doesn't have a strong cream cheese flavor...It's almost like a really thick pudding type texture.  It's chocolate so I'm cool. :D

*White chocolate is NOT chocolate. There, I said it.

3. Blythe Dolls

Blythe, a toy that lasted *maybe* a year in the 1970s is back with a bang as these (now way expensive) dolls are getting customized by artists (just take a gander on Flickr.)

4. Kitschy Crafts

Kitschy Crafts takes a look back at all of those kitschy craft items th…

It Might As Well Be Spring

Hi everyone!

So, am I the only one experiencing nutso weather this *quote* Winter *unquote*? I often complain around this time of year that I'm ready for Spring and it looks as though someone is listening because the weather has been crazy this "Winter". It's been sunny and warm, cold and rainy, hot cold hot cold, I feel like it's a total Katy Perry song this year. The trees in my yard are already starting to bud and like I said on Twitter yesterday, I'm afraid my kids will learn about seasons in History class.

Anyhoo, I decided to Spring it up and crocheted the Crocheted Stash Basket pattern from Purl Bee. I've made this bag a couple of times before and love it.

So I tried to get all creative and mimic grass, sky and clouds with the body of the bag and then crocheted some simple flowers and put them all over it. SPRING!

I also finished Jocelyn'scloche (I love hooking this pattern too!) that she won during my Three Not Four Year Blogoversary give…

Jane Gets A Life

Hi everyone!

I was lucky enough to be one of 1,000 artists who snagged a spot in the Art House Co-op's 4x6 Exchange where you create a flat 4x6 card and send it to them. Yours goes off to a participant and you get one in return from someone else. Very cool little exchange and for whatever reason, inspiration smiled upon me and I'm already finished with mine. (I so love when that happens!)

You couldn't used anything three dimensional which is tough for me, I love my little bits and bobs that stick out a mile wide on my projects but I've decided that 2012 is all about trying new things - creatively speaking. So I jumped on signing up for this swap before thinking it through and for once was rewarded for leaping before looking. lol

I have no process pictures to show you but here's the short version:

-Cut cardboard to 4x6
-Mod Podged on a book page
-Added mists and inks
-Covered in a layer of beeswax
-Added inks to lady, words and lace trim
-Used toilet paper roll,…

Friday Night Fab Five

Hi everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I adore for the week. Let's jump right in:

1. Bein' Quirky With Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel hosted this past Saturday Night Live and "Bein' Quirky With Zooey Deschanel" was my favorite skit. Unfortunately I don't think this video can be viewed by those outside of the US. Boooo NBC! Still a great skit though. :D

2. Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is an addictive game that I play on my phone...constantly. Jump as high as you can while avoiding monsters, black holes and alien abductions. Bigger time spender than Pinterest.

Speaking of Pinterest...

3. This Sign

I originally found this on Pinterest and followed it around till I found out it is for sale here. This sign was meant for me. Finishing things is a big character flaw of mine. I remember this one time when I

4. Music from Strawberry Shortcake

Okay, so having two daughters means that we get pretty girly around here. Toot is curre…

No, You Prove YOU'RE Not A Robot, Captcha

Hi everyone!

I don't usually post on Thursday and chances are this post will get buried between yesterday's post and tomorrow's Fab Five but I just couldn't take it anymore!

You know, I'm all for letting a blogger, on any platform, do what they need to do to get their blog the way they want it. You want to blare music? Fine. You want to add 1,000,000 blinkies and buttons in your sidebars? Fine. You want to talk about something cool without linking to it and force me to spend three hours on Google looking for what you were talking about? Fine. You want to moderate your comments? Fine. You want to make me enter a captcha when I leave a comment?


Actually, in reference to Blogger specifically, it hasn't been that bad. Enter some word and I can get on with my blog visits, okay sure. BUT something has happened recently to make me lose the few marbles I had left in my quest to visit and comment on as many blogs as I could.

Blogger has m…

Baby Love, Sushi Love

Hi everyone!

If you will indulge me, I have some pictures for you today. :) I felt the need to post some, especially of Zippy, primarily because I still have not scrapped a single picture lately and I'm trying to assuage some guilt. Ha!

First of all, I realized that I never posted this video from December 2011 when I went to check on the girls during their "nap" and noticed that Toot's toys were gone and so was Zippy:

Next, Zippy turned 9 months old this month, what the heck?! Slow down, Time, quit making my babies grow up...

Also, Toot loves having her picture taken with "Baby Sister" so I thought I'd share one with you:

Earlier in the day yesterday, Toot and I went outside to take some pictures, here's one of her:

In other news, we don't do too much for Valentine's Day but the husband did take me out for a darling sushi dinner last night. One of the rolls we got was their "Valentine Roll" which not only was tasty but also came…

Three Maiden Ladies

Hi everyone!

I have a new project to show you, a wall hanging I made using a tin sign I got on clearance from Hobby Lobby. Y'all know how much I *love* stalking the thrift stores and clearance aisles for cheap signs, frames and such to make over and I got lucky finding this tin sign with hooks already attached to the back to hang on the wall. (Longest sentence ever.)

I recently got the "Fashionista" paper pack from Graphic 45 and used that as the inspiration for this project. The biggest reason for starting this project was that I got some new inks that I'd like to use in my Sketchbook Project but since I'm a total ink noob I wanted to practice on something else first. So this thing was inked within an inch of its life. I started by inking these laces pieces my mum-in-law gave me:

I ended up using the circle pieces as a stencil with Distress Stickles because they didn't turn out quite right. lol But let me tell you, inks are SO much fun to play with, ev…

Friday Night Fab Five: Trailer Me This Batman

Hi everyone!

First of all, how about a big round of applause for Kate Gabrielle of Scathingly Brilliant for my snazzy new look. What do you think??? Kate was a doll to work with and I HIGHLY recommend her services if your blog needs an overhaul. I just love my new look, it's kitschy, it's pink and it's glittery. Just like me. :P Thank you Kate!!!

Welcome to another Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I love for the week. This week I decided to share some movie/TV trailers which I'm really excited about. There's nothing like a good trailer to get you pumped up for a new feature...

1. Pixar's Brave

I am SO excited to see this movie, the trailer looks gorgeous and the heroine is just darling. Look at that hair! *love*

2. Game of Thrones Season 2

A new trailer for season two which starts April 1st. Wooooooooooo and hooooooooooo! This looks so awesome!

3. The Hobbit

I love Lord of the Rings, books and films but the Hobbit holds a special place in my…


Hi everyone!

Toot is three years old going on thirty and with great power comes great responsibility. Wait, that's Spiderman. Scratch that. Anyhoo, Toot says or does things and I'm at a loss to know where the heck she got them from. Her father. I'm going to say her father.

So here's a slice of my life with Toot:

-Is it ever a good thing when your 3 year old runs out of her bedroom, where she's suppose to be taking a nap, and says, "Everything under control!"

-Speaking of naps, I walked into her room one day, where she was supposedly napping and she was sitting calmly on her bed reading a book. With no pants on.

Me: Where are your pants???
Toot: Mommy, I change my Pull-Up!
Me: That's great honey...Wait, what's that smell?
Toot: Mommy, I poop on carpet.

I'd like to note on the following picture that I had NOTHING to do with the bucket:

A sweet conversation between mother and daughter:

Toot: Mommy, I LOVE YOU!
Me: Aw, honey! Thank you for s…