Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Night Fab Five

Hi everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I'm into this week. You know, I've been working on this post for weeks now. I think I was originally planning to post it on 11/15. *face palm* Anyhoo, let's GO!

1. American Horror Story: Coven

(Image Credit)

As a rule, I do NOT like horror movies. Seriously, even the cheesy ones scare me. BUT since the first season I have been fascinated with American Horror Story. Not sure why but I love the "one off" format they do (and I really think American TV needs to start doing all shows this way, let people create one season of a great show and then let it go instead of beating dead horses all over the networks or cancelling shows 2 episodes in before they even get a chance to get started...Wow, where did that soap box come from?)

2. Swiffer Sweeper Vac

(Image Credit)

I freaking HATE to clean the house. Add pets with their hair flying all over the place and it just gets worse. lol I used to have to sweep my kitchen floor, then vacuum, then sweep again and THEN mop. It.Sucked. A couple of years ago I discovered this Sweeper Vac thing and omg it is FANTASTIC. I'd make out with it if I could.

3. Dylusions White Linen ink spray

(Image Credit)

I've talked about Dylusions ink sprays them! But this White Linen is awesome, it gives the other color sprays a pastel tone which means I now have twice as many ink colors without spending more money. DOUBLE LOVE.

4. Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable yarn

This is a little something I'm hooking up in my spare time (HA!) and I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee how this yarn is working up. Gorgeous!

5. Tissue Box Bakery

If you've been around for a while, then you already know how much I, love Twinkie Chan. Well now she's started the Tissue Box Bakery where you can crochet tissue box covers and send it in to be sold with proceeds going to charity. Very cool!

And there you have it! Another Friday Night Fab Five that should have been posted weeks ago! LOL

What are your favorites this week?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Art Journaling: We All Shared

Hi everyone!

Recently it seems like all I've been working on is varying stages of my art journals, lol, so I'm going to share a finished page today!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Don't Be Shy

Hello everyone!

I've got an opening page to an art journal I'm (slowwwwwwly) working on. It's actually a cheap souvenir album I got on a beach trip years ago. lol But the pages are this really thick pulp paper stuff so I knew it would be perfect for holding lots of paints and glues.

The funny thing is: whether it's a new notebook, journal, blank book, artsy book, whatever, I always leave the first page undone. I've been automatically doing that for years and I'm not sure why. lol I think it's because I thought that I couldn't do the "title" page till the rest of the book was finished because how would I know what the title should be? And somehow that habit made its way to notepads and list pads as well. lol

Anyhoo, I took a chance this time and went ahead and played on the title page:

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Toot!

Hi everyone!

Well, here we are again! Today, is Toot's birthday and she's 5 years old. *faint*

Monday, October 7, 2013

Let the Birthday Hooking...BEGIN!

Hi everyone!

I actually got some crocheting stuff done that does not involve dolls in any way! lol Once October rolls around, it's like Birthday/Holiday Central Station around here so I've got to get started on gifts! I got this shawl finished over the weekend:

Monday, September 30, 2013


Hi everyone!

Wait, is it REALLY already October tomorrow??? YIKES. 2013 is just barreling on through, isn't it?

Anyhoo, I've got this new art journal page hanging out over on the Gauche Alchemy blog today. Remember that green page I shared last week? Well, this is the right hand side that I had started first, it's now finished too! lol

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Night Fab Five

Hi everyone and welcome to this week's Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I'm obsessed with for the week. I think I'll go slightly "crafty" for this five. What do you think? Yes? No? Oh, what the heck, let's do this!

1. UmWowStudio


UmWowStudio has really awesome chipboard, like this viewfinder reel. They also have masks and whatnots, very cool store and I loveeeeeeeeeeeee using their stuff!

Monday, September 23, 2013

That's Life

Hi everyone!

I'm sort of on an art journal roll here lately, got another finished page to show you today. :D The funny thing about this page is: I was actually working on the right hand side of the two page spread but while I was waiting for some ink to dry on the right side, I started fiddling with the left side and ended up finishing that one instead of the other. lol

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Night Fab Five

Hi everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I'm digging this week. Yay, Fab Five!

1. Katy Perry the Movie: Part of Me


Monday, September 16, 2013

You Are Fabulous

Hi everyone!

Been working in my art journal lately, got another page all finished and here it is!

Friday, July 26, 2013

금요일 밤 Fab Five: Movie Night!

Hi everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I'm obsessed with and this week it's ALL about foreign films which I've become addicted to hardcore lately. lol You can stream a lot of excellent international movies on Netflix, here's my current top 5 (available on Netflix as of this writing. If they're no longer available, be sure to try and find them elsewhere!):

1. Castaway on the Moon (South Korea)


Castaway on the Moon is an excellent, super fun movie about a guy who tries to kill himself by jumping off a bridge (just trust me, it gets fun) but instead of dying, he ends up washed up on the shore of a conservation island thingie in the middle of the Han River.

Monday, July 22, 2013

A Day with the Girls

Hi everyone!

Took a break from spraying backgrounds in my Dylusions art journal to complete a page! Way back when, my friend Carmen sent me a set of postcards with reproductions of vintage photographs on them. Super cool! So I used one and did a sort of fake scrapbook page in my art journal:

Monday, July 15, 2013

Creating in Stages

Hi everyone! Hope y'all had a great weekend! We saw "Pacific Rim" yesterday, pretty entertaining if you like super ginormous monsters fighting super ginormous robots...which we do. :P Anyhoo, nothing finished to show off today BUT I'm getting some layers done. :D

At the end of the week I got a package that was COVERED in stamps, apparently the postage meter thingie was busted which is an AWESOME score for a creative scavenger like myself. :D So I immediately cut all the stamps off of the box and since it was still sticky on the back, I just grabbed my art journal and stuck them down on one of the inked up pages I did earlier:

Thursday, July 11, 2013

And That Was All There Was To It

Hi everyone! I've got another 4x4 wood plaque for you today, this time it's round. Oooooooooo fancy!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Girl on Film

Hi everyone! I've got a project to show you today and not just any project but a FINISHED project. Say WHAT?! That's right, it's a finished project. *gasp*

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How to Ruin a No Bake Dessert

Hi everyone and welcome to Maggi's Creative Craft Fail Corner where I provide the best tips, tricks and tutorials for failing spectacularly at any craft. Previously I taught you How to Set Your Microwave on Fire and How to Clog Your Kitchen Sink. In today's lesson, we're back in the kitchen and we're BAKING!!!!

Wut wut!

Okay, that doesn't really translate into the written word but basically I'm doing this:

I promise to never do that again.

Monday, July 1, 2013

It's Raining Mist, Hallelujah!

Hello everyone!

So in last week's Friday Night Fab Five, I mentioned the Dylusions Creative Journal and a Ranger Ink video by Dyan Reaveley called, Dylusions Art Journaling Creating a Page - Part 1. In this video, around the 1:30 mark, Dyan starts a new page and basically adds some colors using water and mists. Now, even though I've watched both parts of this video set all the way through multiple times, I decided to just dive into my new journal and mist up some backgrounds before doing anything else.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Night Fab Five

Hi everyone!

Welcome to another Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things, people, places, whatever that I'm drooling over and basically embarrassing myself because I love it so much. This week I've got a mix of who knows what so let's get started!

1. Naked and Afraid


Holy crap, what the frak is this show?! The Discovery Channel takes two people, (total strangers, one man and one woman who fancy themselves survivalists) and strands them in the middle of nowhere for 21 days COMPLETELY NAKED. Nothing, they got nothing on and they got nothing with them. Zip.

The first episode saw these two people dumped smack in a jungle in Costa Rica where a producer gets bite by a snake, the guy sleeps through his shack being on fire and the girl gets sick after eating a turtle. I could NOT take my eyes off the TV.

*Do NOT do a Google image search for the term "naked and afraid". Don't do it, just trust me on this one.*

Monday, June 24, 2013

Poor Little Zippy

Hi everyone!

Sooooooooooooooooooo, I'm a bad sort of mommy/blogger as Zippy turned two years old last month and I never posted a thing about it. Bad Mommy! Bad Blogger! So if you'll indulge me for a moment, I'd like to rectify this error right now:

So back in May, my Zippy turned 2 years old. Zippy has taught me many things in her short time with us, such as the definition of "Terrible Twos", why you should always double check that the toilet is flushed and how silence is NOT golden, it's the signal that something very very very bad is happening and you should hit the floor running.

That being said, wook at dee cutie pootie baby waby:

Friday, June 21, 2013

A Random Spark

Hi everyone!

No Fab Five this week as I wanted to share a new project I participated in called, Random Spark. Art House Co-op and The Brooklyn Art Library (the same awesome people that run The Sketchbook Project) asked people to Tweet them with a random creative prompt. They then printed all of the prompts on business cards and mailed them (along with a free Artist's Loft™ colored pencil) to participants to create whatever they wanted using the prompt and the pencil. :D

So my prompt was "70s wallpaper", suggested by @Telltalethread and I started with this $1.00 paper "canvas" I found in the kids department at Michaels. (I love raiding the kids department for stuff to use on/for projects!)

Now, 70s wallpaper typically had a lot of repeated patterns using mustards, greens and browns. At least that's what Google images told me and you know they know what they're talking about. Anyhoo, since my pencil was pink, I had to think of something along those lines without the groovy color scheme.

I started by covering the Marvel Heroes with patterned paper, then painted the edges and used the pencil, (along with some brown pencils and paint for good measure) to try and create my own repeated "70s-ish" pattern. Then I got lucky: Zippy broke her fabulous pink glitter sunglasses so I finished the job and glued them to my canvas after adding a phrase from an Anne Taintor book, voila!

The projects from Art House Co-op are so much fun to do, can't wait for the next one!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Night Fab Five

Hello everyone! I'm back with another Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I'm loving this week. Let's get started!

1. ScrapStacks

ScrapStacks is like a Pinterest for crafty people. You can only pin or "stack" your own work. Very cool! Be sure to add me if you're over there!

2. A Touch of Vintage

I talked about this over at Circle 7-2099 the other day but I've been trying to find ways to add just a touch of vintage to my every day boring tasks. It really helps brighten up mundane crap like washing the dishes. LOL

3. BBC's Lark Rise to Candleford

Image Credit

OMG...I am IN LOVE with this show! Lark Rise to Candleford had a great cast, good stories (don't watch too many in a row or you start to fall into the plot holes, LOL) and of course it got cancelled without getting a solid ending and AFTER I found out about it. Thanks a lot, UK! :P

4. Nintendo 3DS and Animal Crossing
Image Credit

I don't get a lot of time for gaming, crochet and glitter tend to distract me but thank God for the handheld! And the newest Animal Crossing game FINALLY comes out on Sunday so yeah, my family won't be seeing me for a while...

And finally...

5. Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" + classic Soul Train footage = AWESOME

Not much else to say about that. Want the clothes...want to get down...

And that's another Friday Night Fab Five! What were your favorites this week?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I Play With Dolls...the Sketchbook!

Hello everyone!

Hey, did you know that I make stuff? Yeah, me neither! :P I'm slowly "waking up" so to speak and getting things back on track, more about that later. In the meantime, my 2013 sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project has been finished for a while. For this one, I decided to make my theme "I Play With Dolls". Some of you may know that I collect and photograph Blythe dolls so I wanted to know why other people "play" with these dolls. I reached out to the doll community and collected their pictures and quotes for my sketchbook.

Here's the cover:

I had a lot of fun making this one! I kept the pages relatively simple since the book had to remain flat. Here are some of the inside pages:

There are a lot more pages and you can see super fancy pants scans of the entire book in the Art House Co-op's digital library! Thanks for taking a peek, I love this project and hope to participate again in the future. :D

Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Night Fab Five

Hi everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I'm loving this week. Haven't done one of these in FOREVER, time to get back in the game. Anddddddddddd we're off!

1. This excerpt from a Neil Gaiman speech, "Make Good Art":

I found this very inspiring. Make good art no matter what!

2. Linandko

Linandko is a YouTube channel of a couple that lives in Japan, plays video games and films it. I'm addicted to their Animal Crossing videos as that game has yet to come out in the US and I'm dying to get my grubby hands on it.

3. Art Journaling

I used to keep diaries when I was a kid. Actually, I use to keep typical written journals well into my twenties but that fell by the wayside in favor of art journaling. I still write but it's nice to add some glue and paint into the mix. This is a recent page I made, I'll blog more about this next week. (Although you may have already seen it if you ran by Gauche Alchemy lately.)

4. Fabric

ADAD 114/365

I don't sew whatsoever (despite having a sewing machine *shame spiral*) but I love buying cute fabric. Go figure. lol

5. 29/31 by Garfunkel and Oates

First of all, Garfunkel and Oates ROCKS. Second, this song is oh so true.

And that's it for another Friday Night Fab Five, feels good to be back! What have been your favorites this week?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Mother Brain #1

mother - noun - a term of address for a female parent or a woman having or regarded as having the status, function, or authority of a female parent.

brain - noun - the part of the central nervous system enclosed in the cranium of humans and other vertebrates, consisting of a soft, convoluted mass of gray and white matter and serving to control and coordinate the mental and physical actions.

mother brain - noun, verb, adjective - The new brain your original brain is replaced with after you have kids. Change typically due to stress, sleep deprivation and constantly hearing, "MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY!"

Example: The other day the family and I decided to go out. I thought I'd put some effort into myself so I did my hair, put on make up, picked out nice clothes and went so far as to put on jewelry. Of course, I ended up leaving the house wearing slippers on instead of real shoes.

Welcome to Mother Brain.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

One Year

One year ago today, my younger brother Ty died. I've been going back and forth on whether or not I should blog about it. I honestly didn't (and as I actually write this, still don't) want to write about it because writing about things forces you to relive those things. Good or bad.

But then I started to wonder if I would regret not writing about it. So here I am. I want to say upfront that I don't want anyone to feel obligated to comment. I like keeping things shiny and happy but let's face it, sometimes life just gives you lemons that refuse to become lemonade no matter how "Pollyanna" you try to be about it.

So here it is...

Ty, the December before the accident
As most of you know, my brother was in a coma for 5 days. On the fifth day the surgeon told us there was no hope and we needed to decide about taking him off of life support and letting him go. For those of you that haven't experienced the whole life support thing with a loved one (and I sincerely hope you haven't and never will), it ain't like in the movies where the nurse cuts off the machine and you sit in a perfectly lighted room, full of flowers and soft music as the machine starts it's beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Well, maybe it is like that for some people but everything changes when the person is an organ donor. See, they only have a certain amount of time once the person passes to "harvest" so since Ty was on life support and a donor, we had to go to the operating room to say our final goodbyes.

One year later, the timing isn't so clear. I think he was scheduled to be taken off the machines around 4:00 in the afternoon. But when it was 4:00, it had to be delayed because the surgeon got an emergency call. You know, once you've waited 5 days for something to change, once you've had the 5th night to decide you have to be okay with what's happening, once you've sat for hours waiting for it to be over, to be told you now have to wait longer is agony. But waited we did.

Right before going "downstairs"
They wheeled him out of his room with myself and my parents following. Nurses moved out of the way and people gave us sympathetic stares. I almost expected them to yell out, "Dead man rolling!" Then they had us wait in a tiny room with counselors while they removed the tubes from his throat.

We each had a handler. Well, they didn't call themselves that, that's just what I thought of them as, we each got one assigned to us and they were very sweet and good at their jobs but if I thought waiting with him in his room was bad, having to sit in that claustrophobic room with 3 strangers talking about death and "better places" and all that jazz while my parents cried and cried was even worse.

Because we were going into the OR, we had to wear head to toe scrubs, including masks. And while I get it, I know we had to wear it, it sucked...we couldn't even be comfortable while Ty died. Breathing through that mask and trying to keep it together was...whatever, it was what it was.

Ty had a time limit within which to die. If he didn't die in time, they couldn't harvest his organs and he would be wheeled up to another floor to die there. So he didn't even get the luxury of taking his time to die. Ty breathed on his own for almost 45 minutes. For almost 45 minutes we stood there, in a cold, dark operating room, gathered around him, my mother crying over his body, my dad crying out, "Oh Jesus, oh Jesus, oh Jesus....", the counselors rubbing our backs and the surgeon watching the clock.

Almost 45 minutes, watching his chest go up and down, I can still hear the rattle, the force of his breath as he struggled to...I don't know what...let go? Hang on? Just breathe? Almost 45 minutes, "Jesus", up and down went his chest, "Jesus", trying to keep my breath in that surgical mask, in those scrubs, mentally begging him to just let go before I started screaming. Counselors rubbing my back, telling me it would be okay, rubbing rubbing, be okay, "Jesus", be okay....I wanted to throw something at them. Anything to get them to shut up. Anything to get out of there, anything to stop the sounds of my parents crying, the sounds of his chest-rattling breath, the tick tick tick of the clock the surgeon kept staring at....tick tick tick tick tick tick.

My hand was on his chest when he finally stopped breathing. One minute he breathed, the next he just didn't. Oh, right he's a donor so whisk whisk whisk us out of the OR they did...."thanks for coming, we've got work to do so out out out", whooshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the counselors showed us the door, found our things and pulled out their best airline stewardess "buh-bye now, thanks for dying with us, buh-bye, buh-bye now, buh-bye, thanks for dying with us..."

So we left. All the waiting, the praying, the hoping, the acceptance, so long it took to happen but once it did, we left. It was the day before Easter when he died. And I left the hospital, got home and then had to dye Easter eggs with Toot. Just that simple, Life started up again. No time to grieve or mourn or shake my fist, no time, no time. Eggs to dye, dinner to make, life to live.

Buh-bye now. Buh-bye.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Chicken Feet

Hi everyone!

So I did a canvas:

You can read more about how I made it on the Gauche Alchemy blog. :) But it was pretty simple. I took the photograph on the canvas, just a shot of some chickens and doll feet. Doesn't everyone take pictures of chickens and doll feet? :P

This past year has been a difficult one for me but I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. I hope everyone is doing well!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Long Time, No Blog

Hi everyone!

Long time, no blog! Yes, I'm still around in various virtual forms while my poor little blog collects dust. Well, to be frank, my brother's death last year really made doing much of anything (and finding joy in even less) very difficult. Creatively I've been behind the 8 ball so to speak although my hat shop has been doing quite well so a lot of my time has been spent crocheting stuff like this:

Here's a Tip from the Jedi

and this:

Such a Fussy Foo Foo

But I have been missing mixed media quite a bit lately. I did create some art journal pages but they're pretty dark and depressing so I didn't bother posting those. lol Earlier in 2012 I had signed up for another run with The Sketchbook Project but decided to just skip it once I realized I had wasted a whole year and it was due in mere weeks.

But then I got an idea to combine the project, mixed media and my current obsession with Blythe dolls. I asked other members of the doll community to send me a picture of themselves with their doll(s) and to finish the sentence, "I play with dolls..." I thought this theme was pretty interesting and so I've begun work on a new sketchbook and am racing towards the deadline!

Here's a little bit of work I've done so far on the cover:

I have a long way to go and a short amount of time to get there but working under pressure seems to be the way I do things. lol

I hope you all had a wonderful 2012 holiday season and an awesome New Year! Here's to hoping 2013 is a banner year for all of us! I'll try my best to be around more often!