Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Night Fab Five

Hello everyone! I'm back with another Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I'm loving this week. Let's get started!

1. ScrapStacks

ScrapStacks is like a Pinterest for crafty people. You can only pin or "stack" your own work. Very cool! Be sure to add me if you're over there!

2. A Touch of Vintage

I talked about this over at Circle 7-2099 the other day but I've been trying to find ways to add just a touch of vintage to my every day boring tasks. It really helps brighten up mundane crap like washing the dishes. LOL

3. BBC's Lark Rise to Candleford

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OMG...I am IN LOVE with this show! Lark Rise to Candleford had a great cast, good stories (don't watch too many in a row or you start to fall into the plot holes, LOL) and of course it got cancelled without getting a solid ending and AFTER I found out about it. Thanks a lot, UK! :P

4. Nintendo 3DS and Animal Crossing
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I don't get a lot of time for gaming, crochet and glitter tend to distract me but thank God for the handheld! And the newest Animal Crossing game FINALLY comes out on Sunday so yeah, my family won't be seeing me for a while...

And finally...

5. Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" + classic Soul Train footage = AWESOME

Not much else to say about that. Want the clothes...want to get down...

And that's another Friday Night Fab Five! What were your favorites this week?


  1. Loving the Friday Fab Five's return! Will definitely be checking out Lark Rise!

  2. Oh I need to check out Scrap Stacks!!

  3. I need to get my act together and use the Scrap Stacks invite you sent me!

  4. The BBC did the exact same thing to a program called The Fades about zombie ghosts. BRILLIANT first season then they cancelled it for, frankly, a rubbish season of Being Human (they took that 2 seasons to far)Gutted - ended on a real cliffhanger.