Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Night Fab Five

Hi everyone!

Welcome to another Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things, people, places, whatever that I'm drooling over and basically embarrassing myself because I love it so much. This week I've got a mix of who knows what so let's get started!

1. Naked and Afraid


Holy crap, what the frak is this show?! The Discovery Channel takes two people, (total strangers, one man and one woman who fancy themselves survivalists) and strands them in the middle of nowhere for 21 days COMPLETELY NAKED. Nothing, they got nothing on and they got nothing with them. Zip.

The first episode saw these two people dumped smack in a jungle in Costa Rica where a producer gets bite by a snake, the guy sleeps through his shack being on fire and the girl gets sick after eating a turtle. I could NOT take my eyes off the TV.

*Do NOT do a Google image search for the term "naked and afraid". Don't do it, just trust me on this one.*

2. Dylusions Creative Journal

Just got this the other day and I'm really loving it! It lays flat, awesome sturdy paper, great for art journaling! Speaking of which...

3. Dylusions Art Journaling video

Dyan Reaveley did this set of videos (there are two parts) for Ranger Ink and I really got a lot out of it, particularly doing backgrounds. I ended up prepping a lot of misted/inked backgrounds in my new art journal, now they're all ready to be worked on!

4. Glamping with MaryJane: Glamour + Camping


I've still got big dreams of owning my own fabulous vintage trailer, but until then I've got Mary Jane Butter's book: Glamping with MaryJane: Glamour + Camping. This book has tons of pics, recipes, tips about camping and a lot of very useful information like how to hitch up a trailer and what to look for when buying.

5. Ethel Smith and Organ Music

Seriously, where is the rockin' organ music in today's cinema? Seems like we could use some talent like this again.

And there you have it, another Friday Night Fab Five for the books. What are some of your favorites this week?


  1. You know I had to Google it after you said not to, right?!?!?! LOL!!! That show looks insane!! WOW!!!

  2. I'm not googling. I'm sat here with my lunch. 'nuff said ;)

    I want one of those journals. drool.

    1. The journal is awesome, I think you would really love it!