Friday, June 21, 2013

A Random Spark

Hi everyone!

No Fab Five this week as I wanted to share a new project I participated in called, Random Spark. Art House Co-op and The Brooklyn Art Library (the same awesome people that run The Sketchbook Project) asked people to Tweet them with a random creative prompt. They then printed all of the prompts on business cards and mailed them (along with a free Artist's Loft™ colored pencil) to participants to create whatever they wanted using the prompt and the pencil. :D

So my prompt was "70s wallpaper", suggested by @Telltalethread and I started with this $1.00 paper "canvas" I found in the kids department at Michaels. (I love raiding the kids department for stuff to use on/for projects!)

Now, 70s wallpaper typically had a lot of repeated patterns using mustards, greens and browns. At least that's what Google images told me and you know they know what they're talking about. Anyhoo, since my pencil was pink, I had to think of something along those lines without the groovy color scheme.

I started by covering the Marvel Heroes with patterned paper, then painted the edges and used the pencil, (along with some brown pencils and paint for good measure) to try and create my own repeated "70s-ish" pattern. Then I got lucky: Zippy broke her fabulous pink glitter sunglasses so I finished the job and glued them to my canvas after adding a phrase from an Anne Taintor book, voila!

The projects from Art House Co-op are so much fun to do, can't wait for the next one!


  1. This is AWESOME!! I loveeeeeeeeeee what you made with that little art piece from the $1 spot!!! I love love love the quote and the glasses!!

  2. HA! Love it...awesome quote.

  3. Mmhmm. Mmhmm. The glasses weren't helped along? ;)

    I'm yet to do this. My quote? Then there was barnacles (or something similar!) Hmm.

    I love what you did :)