Monday, July 22, 2013

A Day with the Girls

Hi everyone!

Took a break from spraying backgrounds in my Dylusions art journal to complete a page! Way back when, my friend Carmen sent me a set of postcards with reproductions of vintage photographs on them. Super cool! So I used one and did a sort of fake scrapbook page in my art journal:

So I had this postcard and on the back it said that it was taken in Eastbourne in July of 1957. So I wrote that under the picture with a title of, "A Day with the Girls!" to make it look like someone had scrapped it. :D Of course the background is a little on the messy side (just the way I like it, lol) with a collection of Dylusions ink sprays and some chalk inking through some heart punchinella (P.S.-thanks for that tip, Peg!)

I added some red gingham washi tape and stamped "Smile" on the bottom of the page. The little frame around "Smile" was all white but I sprayed it and then inked it a little so it would stand out more. This page is pretty simple and it's hard for me to not just keeping adding and adding and adding but I restrained myself. Go me. lol :D

Smile! :)


  1. That background just feels like summer! Beautiful work!

  2. Oh my goodness! I love what you did with the girls... And FOR the girls, getting their own memory page! I just love the colours and the gingham tape! Perfect :-)

  3. Love the page! Fake scrapbook is a fun idea. Love that heart punchinella. I just might have to get me some. ;)