Monday, July 1, 2013

It's Raining Mist, Hallelujah!

Hello everyone!

So in last week's Friday Night Fab Five, I mentioned the Dylusions Creative Journal and a Ranger Ink video by Dyan Reaveley called, Dylusions Art Journaling Creating a Page - Part 1. In this video, around the 1:30 mark, Dyan starts a new page and basically adds some colors using water and mists. Now, even though I've watched both parts of this video set all the way through multiple times, I decided to just dive into my new journal and mist up some backgrounds before doing anything else.

Now, if you watch Dyan do a quick flip through her book, she's got facing pages that are different colors, some it looks like she's done them one at a time which is so awesome. I decided to take the easy way and just color both facing pages at the same time. Doesn't mean I have to do a double spread each time but at least the first layer of background is complete!

My overall goal is to mist up backgrounds on all of my pages before doing anything else. You don't have to do it this way but it sure is a lot of fun! :D

Some of my colors spread in unauthorized directions and some bled through but I don't even care! It feels like I've accomplished a lot when I haven't done much, best feeling ever! lol I've actually misted a bunch of pages, these are just a couple. :D

Plus I've stained (some might say "ruined" but not this chick) my crafty desk but it's all good. A beat up, stained, splattered, tattered, smothered and covered (mmmmm...Waffle House hashbrowns....) crafty desk is the mark of a busy creator, yes?

Once I'm finished doing the basic misted backgrounds, it will be time to jump in and start the real "work". lol I'll probably start scouring the interwebs for some prompts and techniques to try out. I think this journal is going to be all about experimenting and just seeing what happens. Sometimes that's the most fun. :)

I already know of A Year in the Life of an Art Journal, do you have any favorite art journalists, classes, prompt sites, etc that you like to peruse???

Happy July everyone! :D


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    1. Thank you! It's fun playing with these Dylusions colors!

  2. Awesome. Dylusions range has very bright colours....wish I could get them locally.

    P/s: I do the same...prep all my pages first...I can't imagine cleaning up every single time.

  3. Maggi! I didn't know you were into altered art and such! So am I!!!! Here's a link to my blog: