Monday, July 8, 2013

Girl on Film

Hi everyone! I've got a project to show you today and not just any project but a FINISHED project. Say WHAT?! That's right, it's a finished project. *gasp*

Okay so yeah, I started with this 4x4 blank wood plaque. I picked this up from a craft store for $1, I love finding these little cheap things to alter (okay fine, I put them in a box and think to myself, "I should alter this sometime" and it usually sits there forever but my point is, I love finding these things. :P)

Then I started just sticking stuff down, I really didn't have a direction. I put on some pieces of newspaper washi tape and a teeny piece of ephemera, then slapped on some gesso and spritzed it down with some Art Anthology Colorations matte spray in Heart. After that, I did some punchinella stenciling. And then I...well, I had no clue what to do at this point. I like to call this step: "Maggi Doesn't Know What the Hell She's Doing With This":

Sooooooo yeah...hmmm...let's see...Well, I did the easy thing first, I painted the edges of the plaque with some Art Anthology Sorbet Dimensional paint (Red Velvet, I think?) And then I did something I rarely do: I used stamps. Yes, you read correctly! (I rarely use stamps, not because they're not awesome, I just feel like I suck at using them. But this time it turned out pretty good! These stamps are from 100 Proof Press.) Then I add a little Heidi Swapp rub-on flower corner thingie:

Well, that's better at least! So I got stuck again until I found this little wood camera cut out and thought, "Well, I got a bird, I got a girl and a camera, done and done". So I took a white pen and added a little detail to the bird to make it stand out some more and wrote, "Smile at the birdie".

Little projects are fun to do! :D


  1. Lots of very cool depth going on here! SAAAWEEET!!

  2. I like about it via email...the trick is that you've got lots of different kinds of crafty things to inspire you as you create one of your arty items! And this one is a beauty :)