Thursday, October 24, 2013

Don't Be Shy

Hello everyone!

I've got an opening page to an art journal I'm (slowwwwwwly) working on. It's actually a cheap souvenir album I got on a beach trip years ago. lol But the pages are this really thick pulp paper stuff so I knew it would be perfect for holding lots of paints and glues.

The funny thing is: whether it's a new notebook, journal, blank book, artsy book, whatever, I always leave the first page undone. I've been automatically doing that for years and I'm not sure why. lol I think it's because I thought that I couldn't do the "title" page till the rest of the book was finished because how would I know what the title should be? And somehow that habit made its way to notepads and list pads as well. lol

Anyhoo, I took a chance this time and went ahead and played on the title page:

I left some blank space on the left hand side to maybe write in something later. So it's still sort of undone, right? lol


  1. This is FABULOUS!! LOVING those colors!!!!

  2. Good for you! Fabulousness should start from the very first page!
    Love the glittered letters and the orange stars!

  3. Love the orange, great to hear you've broken free of a habit with your front page, may there be many more sunshiney glittery first pages in your future :-)