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Art Journaling: We All Shared

Hi everyone!

All this month on the Gauche Alchemy blog, we're talking about art journaling. Finished pages, processes, tutorials and tips, everything you need to either get started or maybe add something new to your journaling arsenal. :D

Recently it seems like all I've been working on is varying stages of my art journals, lol, so I'm going to share a finished page today!

This page actually started as a challenge: in using ink mists to start on the backgrounds, some of the ink bleed through from the other side. Don't mind me, I have a heavy ink trigger finger apparently. lol So my gorgeous red background went blech. Bummer!

So here's an easy way to work with it: cover it up with paper. In your FACE, mistake!

Now, it just so happened that I had this page of ephemera that was one whole article so I ripped it all up horizontally and then pasted it down with Mod Podge in crooked strips, using part of the article title as the focal point for my page.

I took some vario…