Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Art Journaling Tourists

Hi everyone!

Got a new art journal spread for you today. :D This one took me months to do (I'm like a creative broken record!) I started with the background and began my "glue down, walk away" routine but, as per usual lately, I walked away far more than I glued down. lol Also, I originally set out to do two separate pages, not a double spread but it happens like it happens I suppose. :)

So like I said, my background...I started out making a fluid background that went from left to right but was actually planning on making them two different pages. Here are some progress shots from my Instagram:

Then, once I had Mod Podged the travel ad on the left side, I got stuck so after a while it turned into, "omg just get it done already, I'm going crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!" lol

But anyhoo, I added some Art Anthology Sorbet streaks to my Dylusions inked background. The travel ads were from a past Gauche Alchemy kit and I used an UmWowStudio star mask on the background as well. The zipper was a white one that I sprayed with various Dylusions inks. I love using the inks on neutral color laces, papers and other materials to see what happens. Experimenting is fun! lol

Same with the UmWowStudio star confetti: Dylusions inks and white acrylic paint. :) Oh, and of course, loads of washi tape. :D

I mentioned I was stuck: I had cut the end off the zipper to make it fit on the left page so once I hit the creative wall, so to speak, I finally decided to make more of a "mirrored" page on the right using another travel ad, the bottom half of the zipper and more chipboard stars.

The finishing touch is what really drove me nuts on this one. I knew I needed something on the top right, but hell if I knew what it was suppose to be. lol Looking around at my stash, I locked on to the word TOURISTS on a piece of ephemera and decided on the title, "We're all tourists". I liked it's flow with the ads and I liked that it could have a deeper meaning as well. After all, I'm known for my deepness.

Oh and here's a mistake I made! lol I was going for an "all different fonts!" type of look so at first I handwrote (yeah, I don't think that's a word) the "we're" but as you can see, it looked not so good...

But that's the fun thing about mixed media and creating in general, mistakes are not so much mistakes as they are fun ways to expand our...okay fine, they're mistakes. But my point is, washi tape and alphas cover a multitudes of sins. :D We're all tourists, after all. ;)

Have a great day!


  1. Love how you used the zippers! And you're save on the second page. I often think I can use my handwriting then it goes on the page and blech.

    1. lol I think the same thing! Normally I would just say screw it and leave it but it really bugged me this time so washi tape it is! lol

  2. Loveeeeeeeeee this! GORGEOUS colors and loving the zipper action!!!!!

  3. LOVE it! I really like how you've added the streaks and stars to the background, it looks GREAT; like splash/froth from the board. Inspired use of that zip too :)

  4. Love the pink background with all the stars...

    P/s: I've lots of half-done projects least we got started right? *winks*