Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Korea Loves Crochet

Hi everyone!

So my current obsession is the Kdrama i.e. Korean TV shows. Kdramas are a brilliant format: they run a set number of episodes and almost never go beyond 1 season. You get a complete story (well, most of the time) and they run the gamut from melodrama to romantic comedy to supernatural to historical and so forth. (Actually, I just finished one that was all 4 of those. LOL) I've watched a LOT of series in the past year or so. lol (You can find some Kdramas on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime although you can subscribe to Kdrama specific streaming sites such as Drama Fever, Viki and Crunchy Roll.)

One thing I've noticed, both in Korean dramas and movies is that crochet pops up quite a bit. Which thrills me to no end, I'm a hard core hooker and you typically don't see much variety of crocheted props or clothes, if at all. lol But since discovering Korea's vast landscape of dramas and films, I've spotted more crochet than I almost can count although I try to take pictures whenever it happens. lol Here's some of my latest hooked up discoveries:

Granny square blanket in "I Need Romance 3"

Crocheting doilies in "The Company Man"

Awesome granny square sweater in "My Love From Another Star"

Amigurumi in "Marry Him If You Dare"

I ALWAYS get excited when I spot crochet in ANYTHING. Let's face it, knitting tends to be the yarn star of Hollywood. But in Korea, it seems like crochet takes the spotlight and it's awesome!!!

Do you get excited spotting your favorite craft on screen?

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