Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Hey everybody!

New art journal page today, I kind of said, screw this by the end of it though. lol The past couple of days have not been the best for me and if they had a face I would have punched them. :P

I started with one of my pre-misted Dylusions ink backgrounds. I really didn't want to add too much texture or layers because I really loved the color effect it had. So I kept it simple. I've got a friend who gives me her old magazines so I enjoy cutting things out of them to glue somewhere else later. That's where my boxing chick came from. :)

Like I said, this one is pretty simple...although now that I'm looking at it, I think I meant to ink up that library book card. Darn it! Oh well, it's all good anyway. lol >.< The line at the bottom, "Elderly nothing!" I said, with some spirit." was actually on the backside of another line I was going to use somewhere but I felt it fit with the general theme of this page: my own growth and changes, physically and mentally, my willingness to start punching s*&$ out instead of continuing to let it slide and my admitted bad mood. LOL

There's been a lot of changes in me lately as a matter of fact. I want to blog about them because I finally feel like I'm at a point that I want to share and not keep hiding behind my "everything is awesome!" attitude. So yah, we'll see when that post gets written. lol

Thanks for taking a peek into my mood swing! Glitter glue and booze for everyone! ;)


  1. I'm with you on this, Maggi - some days deserve a good hard punch (and a karate kick thrown in for good measure). Perfect pages summing up your mood (love the punch of that background colour, pow!). Great image too.


  2. I like this! Although punching things sometimes seems like it might b a good idea :-P

  3. I loveeeeee this!!! LOVING those magazine bits!!!!

  4. Haha! I get those days too. So often. Funny punch it page! :)

  5. Great page and ArtJournaling is a fantastic place for days like these... Hugs and wish you a great week!