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Art Journaling and Lace Texture

Hi everyone!

So, Mary Brockway did this awesome tutorial on the Gauche Alchemy blog which showed how to add texture to a project using fabric and lace. As soon as I watched the video, I wanted to try it out and I did! Go me, heh heh. Anyhoo, I was inspired to use this technique on the cover of my Dylusions art journal.

See, as I've been doing pages in this here journal, I've been putting any extra brush paint, wet stamps, etc on the cover, thinking that, down the road, it would end up creating this funky layered look and make an awesome cover. *might* have worked out okay if I had kept going but I really wasn't digging it. PLUS, I added gesso to the back and it just made it yuck. Like, it felt too gritty or rough or something so, nope...had to change it. See what I mean:

The Front:

And the Back:

So like I said, I could have kept going and just let it ride but I'm not that patient. So thank goodness for Mary's tutorial! (Plus, it didn't hurt t…


Hi everyone!

So merry Christmas and happy new year to you and yours! I hope that...okay fine, totally missed every 2013 holiday on the blog and now it's 2014. Ah well, I'll try harder this year to keep this place updated more often. :D

In other news, here's my first art journal page in the new year!

I've been posting peeks on my Instagram, wow so easy to post stuff there on the fly! lol But here's the whole thing! :D

Almost everything I used on this page was from Gauche Alchemy's Kokeshi Kit. I started out with one of the pre-misted pages in my art journal and then added some paper, napkin and punchinella stenciling.

I did a lot of fussy cutting for this one and let me be totally honest: I do NOT like fussy cutting. I'm just not that patient most of the time. lol But this time I sucked it up and cut out sections of the beautiful fabric that comes with the kit as well as some My Little Shoebox overlays I had in my stash.

Okay, can I just tell you how disapp…