Monday, July 28, 2014

The Essence of Joy

Hi everyone!

I'm in the weeds right now trying to get ready to leave for Blythe Con this week! But before all that, I wanted to share a wall hanging I made for a friend. I started with one of those $1 paper type canvases, it had a picture of Tinkerbell on it. lol I wanted to just paint and ink over her but she is one tough broad and did NOT want to be covered up. lol Soooo I went to the napkins and Mod Podged that all over her fairy face.

Speaking of which, how come Tinkerbell lives in a place called Pixie Hollow, uses pixie dust but everyone calls her a fairy? I always thought of a pixie and a fairy as two different things but Tinkerbell seems to use them interchangeably and it bugs me for some reason.


ANYWAY, she got covered up with paint and napkins. :P

See Tinkerbell's face and arm? lol

I was using a doll picture on the canvas so I went with orange and green to play off the colors in the picture. Doesn't make sense when I type it but in the end, I think those colors worked well together. lol

I used some black and white washi tape to offset my color combo. lol I also stenciled in some white chalk ink circles to break up the background a little bit. The "essence of joy" was one of my little magazine cutouts (I keep a bunch in a box for creative emergencies. ;) lol) And of course, I had to add some washi tape around the edges to finish things off:

My friend loved it (yay!) and I had so much fun making something for her to enjoy. :D

Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Best Meatloaf in the World*

*according to my husband

Hi everyone!

I don't typically blog about food or recipe type things but I have finally perfected my meatloaf recipe and have decided to share it with the masses! *spit take* That's right! *collective gasp* Please, try to stay calm everyone...

Family Circle magazine, 1968 *Image*

I can cook but it's not a big thing in my world. I love baking and really enjoy cooking for holidays (Thanksgiving being MY day) but for the most part, dinner is dinner is dinner. However, for whatever reason, I've always enjoyed trying new things with meatloaf. I think it's because you just toss stuff in a bowl, mix it up and cook it. Lots of leeway with a meatloaf, you can do tomatoes, potatoes, sauce, gravy, onions, garlic, 100 different types of bread crumbs, you can really make it anything you want.

Cottage cheese? *Image*

Okay, so here's my recipe, it's not completely new or groundbreaking but it is delicious*! (*according to my husband) Feel free to give it a try or change it completely, just whatever you do: MAKE A MEATLOAF TONIGHT.


-1 pound of ground beef
-1 pound of ground pork
-1 package of dry onion soup mix (regular or beefy kind)
-1 egg
-Mushrooms (regular white ones or portobello, both good) Hmmm, not sure how much I use typically. Let's say a cup before I chop them to bits but you can put more or less depending on your mushroom love. My husband always wants a lot in there. (That's what she said.)
-Bread crumbs...uh...just how much you want? lol I usually use the heels of the bread loaf because my family would rather go hungry than eat the heels (ends) of the loaf. So that's what? 2 pieces of bread? You can also use biscuits, saltine crackers, round crackers, panko, already made bread crumbs, anything you want! If you do use crackers that are salted, make sure not to add any (or too much more) additional salt.

*Another note about salt: I started using the dry onion soup mix because it is LOADED with salt and seasonings. I used to use separate salt and seasonings but the onion soup mixes are cheap, ready to go and making a meatloaf is that much quicker and easier. (Is that grammatically correct? Much quicker and easier or should it be much more quick and easy? Eh, whatever, you get me, right?)

Okay, so throw both meats, the egg and the onion soup mix in a big bowl. Set your oven to 425 degrees (I like to bake my meatloaf at Hell-level heat, that thing will be good and DEAD).

Now, tear up your bread a little bit (or slightly crush your crackers) and put that and your mushrooms in a food processor. If you do not have a food processor, stop reading right now and go buy one. Seriously. You don't think you need a food processor until you have one and then you realize that you don't have to chop up onions and pulverize bread crumbs like a chump EVER AGAIN. It's the best feeling in the world.

Now at this point, stop what you're doing and start putting dishes away. Why do this? Well, I'm easily distracted and always think of something that "has" to get done before I can go any further with what I'm currently doing. Actually, that's a bad habit of mine so don't do that. Just forget this whole step.

Pulse your bread and mushrooms until they're teeny tiny pieces, then throw that in your bowl. Get out your bread pan (or whatever pan you use for meatloaf) and set it beside your bowl for easy transfer. Now, this next step is one of my other meatloaf secrets (along with the onion soup mix) and it is: mix everything together BY HAND. One hand holds the bowl and one hand mixes. Don't use a spoon or whatever, get your hand in there and get to work!

The benefit of this is that everything will incorporate together and get nice and meatloafy. You won't have big hunks of meat not mixed in or chunks of crackers sticking out of places. You don't want to cook it and it have the texture of a hamburger. Mixing it by hand makes it awesome-r. Mix it until you can mix no more. When you arm feels like it's going to pop out of your shoulder, it's ready.

Stick it in the pan, I start with about 30-45 depending on how thick it is, usually once the juice is clear and the edges start pulling away from the pan, you're good. I *try* not cut into it for at least 10 minutes after I take it out of the oven so it doesn't dry out. But if you're squiqqy about meat being completely cooked, slice into that bad boy and double check it.

I really thought those were olives at first... *Image*

I do believe that's it! Maggi's Famous (to her husband) Meatloaf Recipe! Seriously, the onion soup mix adds all the seasoning you might need and the hand mixing takes care of the rest. Give it a try! :D

Monday, July 14, 2014

Right in the Gumballs

Hi everyone!

Here look at that, it's July already! How the heck did that happen??? lol At the end of the month I'm off to Seattle to attend (and vend at) BlytheCon! Since I'll be selling my hats, I've been working on different cutesy things to decorate my table with and here is a project that I found online and it's incredibly easy (and cheap) to make! A gumball machine from a terra cotta pot and round bowl:

Funny enough, I remembered that a former Alchemist at Gauche Alchemy had made one so I tracked down the tutorial she used which was this one at Kara's Party Ideas. This was so easy to make, it took like an hour. lol

I decided to use pom poms as "gumballs" since it will be sitting on my table, less mess and fuss that way. lol I'm also working on a couple of other candy themed whatnots for my table, one is finished and one is giving me fits. lol But still, hope to share them soon!

Have a great day!