Friday, May 29, 2015

Windmill Shawl with Vivid Fiber Arts Part 2

Great Scott, people! Did I never really blog the end result of my awesome 2nd experience with Vivid Fiber Arts?! Why don't you tell me these things?!?!?!

Okay, whose to say who's to blame here...also, did I use those two words correctly? And why yes, I do homeschool, why do you ask? Anyhoo, let's just call this a draw and I'll show off my shawl now, hmmm? Ready? No seriously, prepare yourself because this yarn and this shawl is ZOMG AMAZING. If I do say so myself...ahem.

One more WIP shot...I'm forever a crochet tease, I know.

And now...magic!

Working with this yarn was just absolutely dreamy. (And the pattern from A La Sascha was pretty awesome too!) If you love to crochet and/or knit, you just have to try out Vivid Fiber Arts. Their yarn is simply one of the best I've ever worked with! It's soft, beautiful and vibrant and makes the simplest pattern look incredible!

*For more information about Vivid Fiber Arts, you can check out their website, Facebook page, Instagram or their group on Ravelry.