Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ballet Boutique

Hi everyone!

Toot has started a new season at her ballet school, oh my how she has grown from her first year there until now!

I keep telling her to stop growing up but she just won't listen. She also likes to say that I'll be driving her around forever because she won't be getting a license so I guess we're both dreamers. :P Anyway, her school needed some signs and I thought, "Hey, I've got glue for that!"

And yes, you could just print out something that said, Ballet Boutique but why would you do that? Why? WHY.

This sign was a quick work up using some sheet music and lots of ink. I actually didn't have any neutral color lace so I painted various pieces white and then used Distress Ink to discolor them a bit so they weren't so WHITE. lol


  1. Can't believe how big she is getting! LOVING the sign!! That is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!