Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Night Fab Five: How To Do Art Stuff

So this post went up on Thursday for some reason. LOL Oh well!

Hi everyone! Wow, it's been a while on this, right? lol No matter, I'm back now with another Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I like, love or like just not in that way for the week. This week I'm going to share some cool artsy tutorial/walkthrough videos I found on You Tube. I've been looking around to find new things to try and although I haven't done every thing in all of these videos (yet), I thought I'd share ones I enjoyed watching recently. :D

1. 10 Basic Background Techniques for Art Journaling from Jodi Thompson

Link to video

I really loved this video and cannot WAIT to try some of this stuff. With every step I kept saying, "Wait, but that was awesome don't cover it up!!!" Then after she was done I kept saying, "Of course!" Lots of good techniques here and they look like fun all layered like this.

2. Art Journal - Layering Technique from Iris Fritschi-Cussens

Link to video

This is the same video I referenced in my Mixed Media Space Oddity but it bears repeating, this one was a lot of fun to do! I would love to try it again after I get a gelli plate. I will definitely be using masking tape more often in my journals!

3. River Song Tardis Journal | DIY from ellawelly

Link to video

Being a big Doctor Who fan and a big book/journal fan, I really really really want to give this one a try soon! If nothing else, I'd love to start making my own art journals...or at least make one once. lol

4. Dylusions Art Journaling Creating a Page - Part 1 from Ranger Ink

Link to video

An oldie but goodie, this is what sparked a lot of my art journal backgrounds. I basically had a bunch of ink sprays and had no clue how to use them. lol I love this video and still use the ink/smoosh technique for most of my backgrounds. lol

5. Scrap Time - Ep. 657 - Art Journaling Techniques with Dyan Reaveley from ScrapTimeVideos

Link to video

Another video with Dyan, I just LOVE watching things come together. In the past I've wondered how in the world people can create these beautiful layers that build up into beautiful projects. This video is a great walkthrough and I really like the gesso stenciling.

And there you have it, an all new Friday Night Fab Five! What were your favorites this week?


  1. Thanks for sharing....I'm going to check them out. :)

  2. Have you watched any of Barbara Gray of Clarity Stamp's videos? I first found her videos when looking for gelli plate tutorials and I just adore her.