Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mixed Media Space Oddity

Hi everyone!

I have an art journal page for you today! It's full of layers and spacey goodness. lol In fact, let's get in the mood:

Okay, good. So I've been roaming around You Tube looking for new things to learn/try in my art journal. When I go AJ, I tend to be more "art" and less "journal". lol I call it art journaling because I'm journaling art, not necessarily my life or anything. lol Anyway, where was I? Oh right, to You Tube!

I found this neato layering video, I followed a lot of what she demonstrated except for using a gelli plate., I don't have one of those. lol (Soon, my pretty, SOON.)

(Here's a direct link to the video on You Tube.)

I really like how she started with tape and I'm always down to use paint on a paper tube. lol So off I went!

Then I sprayed over the tape with some Dylusions ink spray. I also smooshed the pages together to start another background for later. lol

I added some turquoise circles with the paper roll, then added Distress Stain around the edge of the page and splattered with more Dylusions ink spray.

I did some chalk ink stenciling with punchinella and once everything was dry, added more ink splatters.

Since I didn't have the gelli plate to finish off the background like in the video, I just kept picking at it until I made myself finish it up. lol I Mod Podged on a piece of sheet music with the words, "Oh I will take you back" with some burlap and punchinella and a fireworks labels. The sparkly thingie in the corner was a brad I attached to the burlap/punchinella.

I also went back over the sheet music, burlap and punchinella with the paper roll, to make it look like it's a part of the whole thing. lol

Sometimes it's hard for me to leave a lot of space and/or call something finished. A lot of times I think, well, it's good but I feel like there should be MORE. lol Do I add more or do I stop? This time I decided to stop. lol


  1. This looks amazing! LOVING the colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am so stoked to see you back at gluing stuff onto stuff! I totally understand the white space dilemma and the struggle is REAL, y'all! Your page looks good and I'll be seeing what other magic you crank out.