Monday, February 15, 2016

The Nontoxic Project: Where I Rip This a New One

Hi everyone!

You may remember last week I introduced The Nontoxic Project. This will be an ongoing series of artistic detox, as I uncover things I've been saving under the guise of "memories and sentiment" when really some of it is just plain toxic i.e. not sweet and "Awww, I wrote some funny stuff!" but more like sour and "Freaking holy crap, I really hated myself!" lol

Now obviously, I could throw away these things or I could hold on to them with the idea of "learning" about myself but for me personally, these things on my shelf and in boxes were sitting there, just being stagnant and moldy...metaphorically speaking of course. lol This project isn't about getting rid of diaries, pictures or things that necessarily trigger sad memories, it's more about reclaiming and repurposing a time in your life that might have been "toxic". (As always, check out the "Nontoxic Project" tag at the bottom of the post for more of the journey.)

So with that in mind, let's get started! Last week I shared the journal I found from 2003 that was full of ugly, toxic things I thought about myself:

My initial idea was to make a sort of shadowbox frame where you open the cover and there's a cool looking something or other on the inside. (Obviously, everything is completely planned out already. :P lol) The first thing I did was Mod Podge the pages together. This worked pretty well, the pages were thick and glued together with little problem so that I could just run glue along the edges and be done.

I did have to rip some pages out and try closing the cover as I went to make sure it would shut. lol So here's where we're at now:

All that toxic muck and gunk is now smooshed together for eternity! lol After I got the pages glued together, I started whacking at them with an exacto knife. As you can see, I did not try to be straight and/or neat in the least. LOL For me it wasn't so much about neatness or perfection as it was slamming these ugly words in the face and destroying them. lol I added a little gesso on the "frame" but didn't completely block out my handwriting, I figure it'll add to the background. :)

Oh and can I just say, the tip of my finger STILL hurts from wielding that knife for who knows how long getting those pages out. LOL In fact, I didn't cut as deep as my original plan because I discovered 2 sets of pages that had nothing written on them! Soooooo I not only have the shadowbox section but I also have two double page spreads where I can create something new. This project keeps expanding and I love it. lol

I'll be sharing more of this work in progress as it comes along! In fact, would you like to join me? Do you have toxic things on your shelves or in your drawers (dresser drawers not the, you know, underwear kind) that needs a detox? Let's do this together! If you're inspired, pick it up and run with it!

Whatever you do, please do share with me!!! Leave a link in the comments, send me an email, @ me on Twitter or Instagram, let's clean out and reclaim together! :D

Time to detox...mixed media style! :D

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  1. Loveeeeeeeee this project!!! I wish more of us women/girls would do this!!!