Monday, February 8, 2016

The Nontoxic Project: An Introduction

Hi everyone!

As promised, here is my newest project which will be ongoing for a while (hopefully, lol). But first, some background:

Before I discovered "art" journaling, I did old school journaling. lol I used to write a lot and when I was younger, I would keep a diary of sorts. I can't say I did it regularly and would rarely write off an entire book before starting a new one. (I loved shopping for journals and ended up with more journals than thoughts. lol) I still have a stack of these things. But there was one journal in particular that I wrote in until the end. It was back in 2003 and spanned almost the entire year.

I used to think that my journals would be fun for my kids to read through once I was gone. After all, I lived in the age of no cell phones, no internet, smoking was cool, and there was only one kid in my entire elementary school who was allergic to peanuts and we felt horrible that anyone should be deprived of peanut butter cups. lol

Until I started to read through my journal from 2003 (the future is here!) and decided that I would never let my kids or anyone else read it. It wasn't embarrassing...but it was...well...


It was full of the most hateful, ugly, mean and disgusting things I had read about anyone. And the worst part was, this was me talking to me. This was me telling me everything wrong with me, real or imagined. It was the most toxic thing I've ever read and there was no way I was leaving this behind when I was gone.

So what do I do with it? I caught the spark to flip through these old things in the first place by this exchange with Mandy Steward on her Instagram. But I didn't want to just throw it away, not only would it be out there in the universe somewhere but now I wouldn't know where it was. lol I could have ripped it up and shredded it I suppose...but instead, I decided to remake it. To make it make something toxic into something nontoxic. It was time to detox. Which led to this:

I decided it was time to clean out and reclaim by getting rid of the toxic things I've been clinging to for so long. Whether it's pictures, letters, journals, whatever, if it's toxic, it's time for it to hit the road. Or hit my creative space in this case. lol I wanted to completely alter this toxic book into something beautiful and creative. Maybe not "uplifting" per se, but definitely NONTOXIC. And here is the toxic journal in question:

Of course, altering things with mixed media is loads of fun so I'm looking forward to this a LOT. And this journal was really cool too, it had this neat burlap cover and the pages were those handmade style pressed heavy papers, loved it! Too bad the crap I wrote on it stunk. LOL

I've already started making this Book of Yuck new again and I'll be sharing everything I do to it right here on the blog. :D I hope you will share this journey with me and even better, would you like to join me? Do you have toxic things on your shelves or in your drawers (dresser drawers not the, you know, underwear kind) that needs a detox? Let's do this together!

Whatever you do, please do share with me!!! Leave a link in the comments, send me an email, @ me on Twitter or Instagram, let's clean out and reclaim together! :D

Time to detox...mixed media style! :D


  1. Good for you!!! This is awesome that you are doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love this concept! I'm looking forward to following this project. :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is very cool! I think I got rid of my most toxic journals ages ago (high school, man, it was rough) but I love the idea of making something over like this!