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This is me, just your average crafty vintage-lovin' snarky type geek.

My name is Maggi. I live in beautiful North Carolina and I am obsessed with creating things out of yarn, glue, paper and glitter. Mixed media and crochet are two of my passions. I also love Kdramas, Blythe dolls and reading. Ah yes, I'm more of a "Jack of all Trades" equal opportunity hobbyist. Around these parts, I like to blog about my life, my adventures in crochet, mixed media and for a while listed 5 things I loved in my (mostly) weekly Friday Night Fab Five. While I would say that my blog started out being a place to mark my crafty adventures, it's also a place where I drool over vintage finds, brag about my kids and one day might venture into my conversion to Catholicism.

I'm married to a fabulous man I met through Xbox Live. We were just two gamers that fought over the controller instead of the remote.

We stopped playing video games long enough to have Toot and Zippy:

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